Forsythia availablility and viablility

bawanderr(8b Baton Rouge)March 30, 2011

I've enjoyed your site so much for at least 14 years and simply must have an answer to a vexing problem, now. I have moved to Watson, La, just about 10-15 mi. northeast of Baton Rouge, and cannot find any forsythia. An almost elderly aunt (she ain't THAT much older than I) from Jacksonville, FL is coming this wkend and she couldn't find any there, either. I am seeking the largest, showiest (blossoms) available, am not really interested in pruning them too much, but used to have several remarkable specimens in Columbia, SC. They were so eye-catching (even w/out blooms)I truly want a mass of yellow each spring and for however longer nature allows. The local dogs even kept their distance out of respect! Cola. SC is zone 8A, but no one seems to sell them in BR(8B)or in Jax,FL (8B). Would someone please advise me as to the variety of the lovely large spreading type that seems to grow rapidly and whether they will thrive here or not? I see little difference from 8B to 8A and do so love their golden spray mixed with azaleas, spirea, English dogwood, quintz, etc. I thank you for any and all assistance you have to offer. Bill Hudnall. PS: Sorry this was so long.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

You're right. I rarely see them in garden centers, probably because they are so easy to "passalong". That's how I got mine. A friend in the church had a lovely big one and I begged for a piece of it. (They layer like mad.) You could do the same and would be more likely to come up with a variety that would take off and go beautifully in your area. You can also order them on the internet. I know that Forest Farm has them.

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