Flowers for hot and humid weather.

Linda3(9)March 4, 2005

I live in the central part of Louisiana where it gets hot and himid. I have 5 acres of land and would like to plant some type of flower for drying. I am looking for an easy flower or filler (for wreaths) that likes lots of sun. Any suggestions?

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i usually plant some gomphrena in a sunny bed each year.
they flower in pink, purple and white (i think). they dry well, too. looks like tiny pom-poms.
i don't grow celosia cristata(cockscomb)but i think it would be a good candidate.
miniature roses could be used, too.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I grow LOTS of climate is hot and humid, too, but I am sure yours is quite a bit more humid than mine. Most flowers that can handle our heat can also handle your humidity. Just be sure you give the plants adequate spacing for good air circulation and to help prevent diseases caused by the higher humidity.

I second Jeff's suggestion for gomphrena (aka globe amaranth). It is available in the colors he mentioned and there is a red one called Strawberry Fields.

The amaranth family has many types of flowers that grow well in heat and humidity and produce flowers suitable for drying. Here's a few:

Grain-type Amaranths: (Grow 4 to 8 feet tall and produce HUGE flower plumes):
Elephant Head (maroon flowers)
Wariho (reddish-maroon)
Burgundy (burgundy)
Golden Giant (golden-orange)
Manna de Montana (green w/slight gold tint)
Mercado (green/chartreuse)
Greek (green)

Cockscomb Types: (huge flowerheads up to 4 or 5" wide and 12" long)
Red Velvet (Red/Burgundy)
Scarlet Prestige (Red/Burgundy)
Cramer's Lemon-Lime (green)
Bombay Yellow Gold (yellow)

Garden-Type Amaranths:
Love-Lies-Bleeding (maroon/red)
Pony Tails (red/burgundy)
Hot Biscuits (brownish/tan/orangeish)
Pygmy Torch Green (green)

Plume type Amaranths (aka Flamingo Feather or Pampas Plume ):
Red Candle
Yellow Candle

Statice is available in every color of the rainbow. I grow Midnight Blue, Heavenly Blue and Sunset (rose/apricot)

Yarrow/Achillea--also available in every color of the rainbow and can handle humidity with good spacing

Artemesia annua "Sweet Annie" -- great for wreath filler

Ammi majus--looks sort of like Queen Anne's lace/dries well

Baby's Breath--there's both white and pink varieties

Helichrysum (Strawflower)

Starflower (Scabiosa stellata)

Nigella damascena "Love-in-a-Mist"

Broom Corn--tall flower plumes that would make a great filler


Kiss-Me-Over-the-Garden-Gate (Polygonum orientale)

I have had success drying zinnias, Mexican Sumflowers (Tithonia), calendula and regular sunflowers

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In a word: Lantana Nothing takes the heat and humidity of this plant and even though the yellows are pretty common and perhaps the toughest, I have had excellent luck with white and pale yellow and purple too.
Pauline in Wilmington NC

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beth1(LA - Zone 8)

Hi Linda,

I also live in Central Louisiana... it's a small world! lol
I have to agree with Pauline, Lantana is an excellent plant to grow here. I have also had good luck with yarrow and am currently looking for 'Silver King' & 'Silver Queen' Artemisia's which are wonderful to dry & use in wreath making and does well here also. Cockscomb is also another good one. ;o)


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For those of you who grow Cramer's Lemon-Lime, how green are the blooms?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Peegee hydrangea. Cut the flowers in the fall when they feel papery.

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