Female Dog killing my Gardenia!!!???

scandia(7)March 13, 2006

I have a gardenia that is approx 3 years old approx 5ft tall.

It has been looking ill lately...This has never happened before. It has always looked healthy and green. I put plant food on it and dusted it with sevin dust.

The leaves look yellowish and there were brown bumps on the backs of the leaves..The brown bumps now appear to be healing. And the plant is looking greener since I put the plant food on it.

Yesterday I observed my neighbors female dog going wee on the bottom of my Gardenia...I chased her off...(no leash law) My male dog has been VERY interested in the bottom of my Gardenia for a couple weeks I always chase him away from it when he gets near....Now I know why he is so interested..(sigh)

Does anyone know how to counteract female dog urine?? Besides watering down the ground and chasing the dog away?

HELP PLEASE...............

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msmarion(9aPort St Lucie)

Your grass should be turning yellow as well. If she were your dog I'd suggest tomato juice.

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Tomato Juice on the bottom of my Gardenia??!!!!

I am planning on moving the plant into my back yard. The neighbors dog does not have easy access to my back yard.

It is pitiful..Their dog looks like a living skelton. She comes over here looking for food. If I called the Humane Society would they do anything to make my neighbors feed/take better care of their dog??

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

You could put up a small wire fence around your gardenia, it would probably be enough of a deter to keep the dog out until you get can get the situation under control. Some gardenias really hate to be moved and it may not do as well in the new setting ( a shame- just because of a dog that isn't even yours). Are you able to reason with your nieghbors about the dog? If not, I would call the humane society and tell them that you are concerned about the health of the dog next door. Maybe they can do something. Even if there isn't a leash law, I don't think someone else's dog should be allowed to ruin things on your property. Try contacting the sheriff's dept and asking them, take a photo of the dog (as proof) on your property (in the act would be best).
The brown bumps on the back of the leaves may have been some type of pest or fungal disease. The sevin dust may have helped. You can also use light horticultural oils such as Green Light's Neem (found at Lowe's)which controls insects and has a fungicidal effect in it as well. Good luck

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Thanks for the info re the leaf oil I will get some.

I am digging everything up from my front flower beds and moving it to an area in my back yard as soon as it is warm enough. There was frost on my daffodils this AM..I have bermuda grass invasion in my front flower gardens so those gardens are going to be covered with horse manure white oak leaves, misc food scraps and lots of newspaper covered with mulch. Then next spring I am going to plant something new. Hopefully covering the beds for a year will kill the bermuda.

I plan on digging a giant hole around the Gardenia and transferring it with as much dirt as I can..In the hope of not disturbing the roots. The Gardenia is in Red Clay right now and was happy til the leaves just started turning alittle yellow. The area where I am moving it was wild thicket, that is now cleared and prepared for new plants.. The ground is brown and seems to be very aerated..Hopefully the condition is better for the Gardenia..I plan to feed it some root food when I move it and then Miracle Grow..

I feel awful about my neighbors dog..She looks so sick..Hopefully she does not have something that will transfer to my dog...These people live across the street from us. I do not talk to these people; They are the only neighbor I do not like..Because; I always let my dog out in the front yard at night. I sit out there and watch him so he does not go out of the yard. One night I let him out and went back in for a second to get a cigarette. I smoke on my front porch. While I was getting a cigarette he ran across the street. Those neighbors were having a loud party. He loves people, I am sure he heard the noise and went to say hello to all the humans..He has never done that before. I started to go and get him, by the time I got to the bottom of my LONG yard I saw them taking him into their house..NO KIDDING. I did not have his leash so I went back up my LONG lawn and got his leash. By the time I got back down the lawn he was running across the street. When I got him in the house he was shaking and look sad. THEY HAD STABBED HIM.

He is ok..I did file a complaint..I do not talk to those people because of that...THAT IS JUST CRAZINESS...I would never think to do something like that to their dog or any other dog for that matter.

I will get some pictures and file a complaint...Recently they got another dog..So now they have a puppy that stays outside and the old female..They should not have any pets since it appears they do not know how to take proper care of them. I so badly want to feed her myself. But because they are MEAN people I won't.

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roxy77(Houston Z9)

They stabbed him?!?

Oh boy, I hope you called the cops.

That makes me so furious.

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Yes they stabbed him with a steak knife in the shoulder blade..CRAZY!!!!He is a Bull terrier..Paid $1,500 for him. They are lucky he didn't die..I did file a complaint but did not press charges because they are my neighbors, because he is ok and the vet bill was only $36.00. The K-9 Deputy that took the report so badly wanted to charge them.

I will try putting some chicken wire around the base til I move it.

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Jasmine; I rolled up chicken wire and staked it all around the base of my Gardenia and it is keeping the neighbors dog off the plant..Thank YOU for your suggestion.

I am pleased to say my Gardenia is looking happy again.

On a side note...I have started feeding my neighbors dog..I could not stand that she was looking starved. ((sigh)) The poor girl...She is not a mean dog just was hungry.

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shic_2006(4a 5a)

Alabama, a land of "beautiful Gardenias" and "good Christians".

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topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)

Oh, my! What terrible neighbors. I had a friend who debated on calling the cops about her neighbors starving dog. She finally did and they took the dog right away. She got a call about a month later saying the dog had found a new loving home and was very happy and healthy. It made her feel so good about calling the authorities. Of course with your neighbors, I'd be getting a Rotty or Doberman!

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That's the sad part. Anyone can get a pet even if known they abuse them. Call the Humane Society and tell them of the complaint you filed and what they did. Advise them of the condition of the dog and they also have a new puppy.
I don't know about your area but most will investigate and do what is necessary. If they require more than one person to complain, talk to your neighbors.
Having to move all your plants is not the answer. That is putting the problem on your shoulders when they are responsible. You can't make them be responsible or caring but perhaps the Humane Society can help.
Good Luck

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I am moving the plants for a different reason. Not just the dog. I have cleared an area in my back yard that is going to be a huge flower garden....that is the reason I am moving them.

I have beremuda grass invasion in my front flower beds so I am digging the real plants out weed whipping the bermuda and then covering it with something like "the lasagna method" for the whole season..Just to be sure the bermuda is gone and to recondition the garden. Then next spring I am planting Clematis Jackmanii in both gardens.. I want it to grow like ground cover to fill my front beds with nothing but purple, or green when not in bloom. I might change my mind about the jackmanii if I can find something that I like better. I have a whole year to think about it.

I am worried about calling animal control and or the Humane Society. Just because their one dog is so old I am afraid she will be put to sleep. I have been feeding her and she looks better. I am sure she has no shots or heartworm treatment..And definately they do not ever bathe her or treat her for fleas...She is getting fatter now she is a beautiful border collie. I even got her to let me brush her the other day.

Plus if I call; these people are the kind of people that would knock down my mail box or do something to my house if they find out it was me...Every one of my others neighbors is afraid of them..

A couple years ago over a $1,000 worth of tools were stolen from our shed..That neighbor had been out on his front porch watching me for weeks before this. I suspected him because the shed was broken into in the time it took me to go pick up my children at school and get back to the house. I swear he was watching and timing me, planning to rob us. After I filed the report I told the Deputy I suspected him because he was watching me..A few days later my horses were let out and were on the street and all the windows in our shed were broken...I swear that neighbor did that because the Deputy went over there and questioned him...About a week after our shed was robbed they got a used 4-wheeler..hummmmmm...Then they were riding it around on their neighbors open field..No kidding, tearing it up...The victim/neighbor fenced off the area..So now they have no place but the street to ride their 4-wheeler. They are just NOT NORMAL so I am cautious..

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rayama(7b Birmingham, Al)

I am so sorry to hear about your awful neighbors and the way they treat their poor dog! A friend of my aunt's had neighbors like that. They did everything from poisoning his dogs to stealing his timber! He eventually just moved.

I feel awful for both your dog and his dog. Do you know someone who would like a nice dog like that? I say load her up when they aren't looking and take her to a new home. And the puppy, too, if you have the opportunity!

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For the dog issue... put a fence around your gardenia. If it was me, i'd take my dog to the pound, and sit in a tree with a gun and shoot the neighbors dog, then make him come get it.

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