solomon's seal: arching direction?

l_mtlJune 20, 2014

I have what may sound like a silly question...

I planted one solomon's seal in a smallish shade border. The small plant grew big and I love it, except that I am not totally happy of the overall look because of its arching direction. Every time I look at the "ensemble", I'm telling myself that it should arch the other way to fill a void instead of crowding its neighbor.

Now I need to design another shade border and will include a variegated one, but I do not want to make the same mistake. So I need to understand their arching behavior, to identify what dictates their arching direction : Is is the light? If I examine the arching pattern of a small plant, can I predict the arching behavior of the plant at maturity?

You all seem to be growing Solomon's seal. What are your observations? Any info will be highly appreciated.


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It is phototropic - the stem arch (and therefore the flowers) will align themselves with the maximum sunlight availability.

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Thank you. Will take this into consideration next time!

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Birdsong72(7/Northshore NJ)

Solomon's Seal is just part of the matrix of the forest floor. Why 'fuss' with that arching behavior when it's just doing what it's supposed to. There are no straight lines in nature. Or make that rarely.

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This is a lovely picture and I tend to agree with the principle.
However, most city front lawn borders (in the shade) do not have the space to reach a look that is so "au naturel". I know mine needs more "intervention"...

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FYI: The variegated are not as tall so don't arch to the extreme other types do. All plants will grow toward the sun. Some even follow it as it moves through the ski. A day near a sunflower field is amazing.

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