Looking for Southern Home Seeds

boizeau(7a)September 13, 2009

Have had a hard time locating a seed source for the hybrid grape 'Southern Home'.

Would welcome any leads on this oddity.


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You wrote the correct word as to why you are not finding seed. The word "Hybrid" is always a clue that you need to purchase a plant as many hybreds do not come true from seeds. In fact many plants labeld as hybreds do not make seeds. Do a search for the plant and you will find what you need.

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Well, anyhow, I do still want to get some seeds of the Southern Home grape.

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Gardenweb has sent me a reminder that my last message to you, which has been removed was rude. Let me try again.

Southern Home grapes are a hybred. Many hybreds either do not produce seeds or the seeds that they produce will not be what the original plant was. This is why I stated that you will not find any seeds that will produce the Southern Home grape. The only way you will find Southern Home grapes are in a plant. The plant will be produced either by cuttings, grafting, or micro culture.

I am sorry if I sounded rude but if you do some investigation on hybreds you will find what I have stated in my messages and above. I never ask that anyone do something without doing their own investigation other than pulling plants where they do not want them.

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I know that Southern Home is a hybrid.
I still want the seeds.
My hobby is grape breeding.

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Have you posted in the Fruits and Orchards group?

Since I like to learn new things all of the time what are you expecting from the seeds? If it makes seeds? Many hybrids are sterile. Any plants you grew from the seeds would not be the same as the parent plant but could be a throw back to several generations. Since I attempt to hybridize peonies I am aware of the difficulties. Are you hoping the grapes will show revert to a ancestor? Please enlighten me.

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What makes this particular hybrid interesting to me, is that it is a combination of two fairly distant species. The very fact that I will get diversity in the seedling population is something I want, as a grape breeder. And as for the seeds being sterile. I did grow a few out from seed of this same plant, and I do know that the seeds are at least viable.
Sterility is a problem in wide crosses, but that is why I want to grow out several, and pick out the best of the lot for my growing conditions.
From my brief experience in grape breeding, the experts are far too pessimsitic about the odds of getting a good seedling from hybrid grapes. You often hear that only one in a thousand is any good. I find that the ratio is closer to about 1 in 4.
It comes down to how fussy the grower is about their results and who makes the final verdict.

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The one in a thousand is based on commerical usage. That is much higher than peonies. I am glad that you have found the seeds viable. I went to the Fruit group after I posted and saw that you had already asked there. You might check with your state agriculture department to see if they have a list of commerical growers in your state that might provide you with the seeds. I have often did an internet search to see where commerial growers of peonies are located through the various state offices or state agriculture colleges.

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