European wild ginger

sassafrassisterJune 6, 2012

Hello. This is my first posting, and I need help!

I have European wild ginger growing throughout my yard. It thrives to the point where I'm always giving clumps away, however in a shady patch between my house and my vegetable garden, there is a clump that is succumbing to a black blotchy fungus-looking disease that causes the plants to rot. A foot away from this patch, separated by a slate path, is a patch of healthy specimens in an even shadier spot under some ancient rhodos.

Can anyone offer a suggestion as to what is afflicting these E. W. gingers, and advice as to whether they can be rescued or removed?

Thank you much for any help you can provide.

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If you have so much of it then I would be tempted to dig up and discard the afflicted one before whatever it has spreads to other plants.

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I'd second the above suggestion. I'm not sure what the problem is and hopefully someone can answer but if you don't find out, I would dispose of the plants with the problem.
Lucky you to have so much EWG!! I'm jealous! I want to buy some for my woodland garden but it is SO expensive around here. I just can't bring myself to pay the prices the local nurseries are asking. I usually don't flinch at pricing if it's something I really want but the European wild ginger is really pricy for a groundcover type plant :( I think the best I've seen it is $25 for a SMALL pot.
Good luck!

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Is it a damp spring? Try some sulfur for fungus's. I just sprayed my entire gardens this morning. One year I lost everything..for the year. It all came back strong as ever the following year. Spray early and spray often!!

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could they be planted too deeply?

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