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toadman3October 13, 2013

I am planting a few trees in the Fall, likely after November 11th

Can I bury coffee grinds, banana peels to fertilize the soil in advance?? and can I mix some store bought topsoil, composted manure with the sandy soil and add a little azomite to get them to grow?? I want some opinions thanks

I want to mix neutral PH compost with the acid sandy soil for the apple, plum trees and then use mostly compost and topsoil for my cherry tree.

And can someone please let me know about cherry tree care thanks

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Don't add anything to the soil. Ever. Not for trees.
You are probably wondering why.
Lets take a tree that grows at least 20 feet, like your cherry.
You add compost, garden soil, then plant it.
As it grows, it will grow the roots all around the compsted soil and garden soil you add.
But at some point, the roots will have to grow out in your sandy soil to support the size of the tree.
It won't do this.
Believe me, it will just keep the roots in the delicious soil that you added.
What happens 5 years from now in a bad wind storm?
THe tree has no support, the roots never grew beyond your amendments, they were discouraged from doing that.
Just dig your hole, plant your tree, not deeper than the soil line, and mulch real good.
Make sure you water it real good every day for a week, and then taper it off.
When you water it good every day, the roots will move easier to take hold and dig in.
Mulch and water is all they need.
My soil is sandy too, which means you must water them in the heat of the summer more than other people water them.
If you feed your trees, they will grow fast and the growth will be weak.
Congrats on your new trees.

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