need wholesale source for peat bales & clay pots

breezynosacek(7VA)October 28, 2003


I've got my order up for my plastic pots and my greenhouse goes up this week but I would really like to find a good source for plain peat moss bales, or by the truck load in VA or NC. I would also like to find a source for clay pots and totems for philly. HELP!

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plantman314(z5-6 StL, MO)

I recommend Premier Horticulture in Canada for peat moss. They produce Pro-mix, and have made strives in the production and marketong of their retail mixes. My nursery is in MO, and we usually get one or two big shipments of palletized bales every year.

For clay pots I would try to find a locally based distributor. Pennington Seeds is my source for a lot of clay pots, but depending on the quantity you need finding a direct source might be better.

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Hey Plantman thanks for your response, but I can't afford the half semi or full semi-truck load yet. I mean Griffin's has got the mixes and they are in Richmond but those mixes are pretty much highway robbery or I should say Griffin's is highway robbery.

Guess I got spoiled living in FL. Home Depot used to carry large bales, bags of vermiculite and perlite and I used to mix my own. But, the bales are smaller up here and higher priced to boot.

Have you ever bought the Big Boss or Tower bales? It seems like it would be cheaper that way. I can get the wetting agent by the jug full so that is no problem.

The place I used to work for in FL used to get it by the dump truck load but I have no idea where to get it like that up here. There is a place down in Raleigh NC that I emailed last night but haven't heard back yet. They charge, I think it was $75.00 a truck load. They are willing to do custom mixes. I'm hoping and praying on that one. If the delivery charge isn't through the roof it will be great for me.

That leaves me with a search for clay pots and totems for the philly. We've been running ourselves ragged trying to get everything done before the weather turns. LOL! I still haven't ordered my seeds and some of the plants I wanted to grow should have already been delivered so I'm going to have to alter some of my growing plans.

Got any good ideas on how to fill 6,550 one gallon pots without stealing cuttings from patented plants? Roses, grasses, perrenials then what?

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GM-PRO.- garden center merchandising&mangement,NURSERY MANAGEMENT & PRODUCTION. GC P& PRODUCTION, are four free trade mags. for those in this crazy business ! for starters if you wish check out or fax number 630-739-9700 ;we have been receiving these trade mags for several years. Any body in the wholesale=retail advertise in this book .If you are not in the business Idon,t think you can get it !!all for 000! bob beland

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Thanks Bob,

I subscribed to both of them and was waiting for them to come in. I qualify, got both the GMpro and NMpro. Would love to get the one for the garden centers but I don't truly qualify for that yet. That is going to depend upon the outcome of the zoning hearing.

I really love both of the magazines they are very informative. Their articles and news are great. I just wish the mags had more articles!

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