oceangirlmeJune 2, 2009

I was reading thru some old posts and found a link for Easy Shade Gardening ( The site lists beebalm as a good shade plant. I have always planted beebalm in very sunny spots.

Has anyone had any success growing beebalm in the shade? I have an area that gets no sunlight and I was wondering if it would grow there.


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There are some native monardas (beebalm) that grow in partial shade. They are not the showy red ones - they are usually pale pink, white or silvery colored.

I doubt even those would do well in the full shade condition you have.

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My neighbor has beebalm--the red one-- growing in her flower bed. There is a small pathway between her flowerbed and her garage on the east. On the west side of her lot they have a row of mature maples.

Her beebalm is shaded by the garage in the morning and by the trees in afternoon. It gets maybe 1 hour of sunlight in the whole day and her beebalm does well.

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shpnquen(z5, IN)

I have the dark red/burgundy type, as well as a mix of lots of colors & they are all growing in mostly shade & grow quite well each year. My only problem with the shade is that I have problems with powder mildew & have to spray them down after every rain with Fungicide 3. The powder mildew usually doesn't hit until most of the blooms are done, so it's never effected the flowers. It's not as bad if we have a drier season.

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Have red bee balm planted toward the edge of a shade garden. It tries its best to spread itself to the sunnier edge and those plants flower much better than the ones more in the shade.

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I have had bee balm planted in two different places in my shade garden for several years; this year it is being pulled out, every little root I can find. All it has done is become a ground cover and never a bloom. I don't even remember what color it should be! It has a nice fragrance, but I intend to put that space to better use with some different shade plants, possibly more hostas and impatiens.

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I think it's probably about temperature as much as light with some bee balm.

My white one prefers all-afternoon shade here on my property, but we have a hot dry summer. The afternoon sun really heats up the air. Morning sun warms it up after the cool nights, and then gives it 3-4 hrs of sun before it's in full dark shade before noon.

In the spring, when the days were cooler, the plant was fine in all day sun. But mid-june, I had to move it.

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

monarda fistulosa tolerate shade quite well. It does get powdery mildew... but it doesn't hurt the plant.

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