Another question about underplanting Crepe Myrtles

lynn_8989March 27, 2012

Hi. I would also love suggestions for this small front yard bed, which contains a Natchez Trace CM, about two years old. Ignore the other plantings - they are all leaving. Full, hot afternoon sun. Lantana would grow great there, but I wondered if I need something else too.

Photo attached.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

Yeah, ice's a succulent that won't be robbing the CM or the lantana of soil moisture.
One good sized (maybe 6" pot) of standard ice plant will grow to fill a nice sized area, stay low and flower well into fall and the foliage is evergreen with 1 1/2" sized flowers in hot pink which looks great paired with lantana.
Space them about 18-24" apart.

For outside the ring, still in full sun you can put purslane , also succulent type leaves like portulaca but grows wider to cover the bare mulch this year.
It's an annual so it will die away at a crisp frost in late fall.
Neither the ice plant nor the purslane require any feedings of fertilizer.

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I was wondering if I needed something with some more height in the bed, as in 1 foot or 2 feet tall? Someone suggested day lillies, but I wasn't sure about the bulbs. I think the lantana and/or ice plant would look fine.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

There are different varieties of lantana. The standard yellow will be 12-15".
Whatever you plant, regardless its height you want to have something more than just a 2 week bloom of color (like most daylilies). They take up a lot of room and expand each year until your underplantings for long color have less room.
CMs have a fairly long blooming season but for most of the year it's just green leaves.

So, the punch of color impact has to be bright and everblooming until the leaves drop off the CM in winter.
Failing that..that's why I suggested digging holes and inserting planting pots to save the space for annuals which you can plant and pull when they cease flowering and refresh that spot with another kind of plant.

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I love the idea of the pots to make it easier! I was just concerned with the flatness of the bed. Maybe I'm being overly picky?

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I grow a New Dawn climbing rose up through my crape myrtle which gives me multiple blooms from one tree, and have Iris, chives and gaura around it in the bed. I have pictures here ..

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