What killed my Wine and Roses Wiegeilias?

katec67March 23, 2007

Does anyone have any experience with Wiegeilias? I bought 2 about 4 or 5 years ago and planted them on each side of my front steps.One grew beautifully and reached it's mature height (about 4 feet) the other one stayed 2 feet tall and never filled out like the first one even though I fertilized and watered them the same. The larger one began to have dead branches on it, and I trimmed those off. This kept happening for the last few years. It finally died and I removed it. I still have the small one.I bought both from Lowes, and I even called the grower listed on the tag and he didn't have an explanation.I'm starting to wonder if maybe this plant may be susceptible to the same Anthracnose disease that I have been battling in my dogwood trees for the last 6 years.I hope someone might be able to help me, I want to plant some more of them, they are really pretty.

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buford(7 NE GA)

I bought 3 wiegeilias and only one has survived. I just assumed they didn't make it through the winter. One keeps coming back, but the others don't.

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Buford, Thank you for your reply. I am really starting to wonder if these Wiegeilias are susceptible to some kind of disease out there. I doubt that your plants died from winter kill because mine survived for about 6 years, with our weather dipping down to 14 or 15 degrees fahrenheit.(We only have just a few nights each winter when it gets this cold.) I am going to take a chance and plant some more of them with the hope that this isn't some sort of fungal disease that's lurking in my soil. I am going to keep my receipt and if they die within one year of purchase, Lowes will refund my money. If the new ones die, I will just have to switch to something else. I just really love these because even when they don't have any blooms on them, the foliage is so pretty. I always have friends and family admiring them. I think they really give my flower beds interest since I don't have any shrubs.

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