Raspberries that take the heat?

maewest(7/8)March 14, 2009

Can y'all tell me which varieties of raspberry will do well in mid-NC? My extension agent says "don't even try" but I know it can be done. I can trade blueberries for them if you have any spare plants. Thank you.

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Maybe southern bababerries? They're rated at zones 7-9 and apparently like heat and mild winters.

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okatie(8B SC)

I live in coastal SC and have some Dorman Red raspberries that seem to be doing well. Planted them 2 yrs ago and last year got a few cups of berries. Flavor is decent, not great. Canes seems to be spreading and my floricanes are just starting to put out new leaves. They are also sending out runners and spreading. I expect more berries this year

I have also heard that Southland and "Jewel black" will tolerate the heat

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I have grown Heritage in morning sun/afternoon sun. They need good drainage in winter and ample moisture in summer.

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Here in Texas Blackberries do great in fact we can find someone setting along side the road selling them during their season. The wild ones they call dewberries, to me they taste the same. We find then along side many country roads down near the coast. I know they don't taste the same as Raspberries but they have no problems producing. I this area they sell plain cuttings for around 25 cents. One variety we have is Brazos and they produce a nice Large berry with a great sweet taste.

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