too late to move lily of the valley?

pieheart(6)June 25, 2007

I had planted some lily of the valley plants in an area where they really shouldn't be. They aren't thriving (most did not flower this year) and I think they are getting too much afternoon sun.

I'd like to move them to a shadier site. Is it too late in the year to move them?

Also, I may not have planted them at the right depth originally (they didn't bloom). How deep should they be planted?


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cfmuehling(7b DC/MD burbs)

I had to laugh out loud at this. I apologize.

You can pull 'em up by the roots and stick 'em in the ground. Their leaves might sulk, but they're going to probably spread all over to the point where you will wish you'd never planted them at all.

I can't kill these babies. I got them from someone who did just that: pulled them out by the roots, dug more roots out so they didn't sprout, threw them into a hefty bag, shoved it at me and said, "Just stick 'em in the ground. You'll regret it."

She was right.

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Well, I haven't been able to grow them. The deer just love to pull them out of the ground and leave them scattered about. Where I planted them this time is a slope that ends at the top of a retaining wall. The location is pretty deer-proof. Where I'm planning on putting them is at the base of a tree, very accessible to the vegetarian predators.

The deer don't eat them, just yank them. The squirrels and groundhogs seem to leave the alone. I know it's the deer because I watched them do it!

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Just under the soil, you will see what appears to be the root mass. I pull htese out regularly and they always come back. This is because there is another root growing out the root ball, that goes 8 - 10" away, then sendsup another flower. They can send a root 50 feet away and establish a colony. The berries are poisonous.

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I'd LOVE to have some lily of the valley, but I was afraid it was too hot down here. I have a COMPLETELY shaded area on one side of my house that gets light through the branches of a crape myrtle but no direct sun at all. Would I be able to grow lily of the valley down here in Savannah? Lord, I just love them...

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