Calla Lily

garyt33(5/6)December 28, 2003

I have propagating Calla Lillis for the past three years. This past fall I carefully dug them up, cleaned them off and put the collection in a perforated garbage bag with saw dust. Well, while we were on vacation my father cleaned the garage and put them out with the garbage. hmmmmmmmmmm

Anyway, I'm looking for a reasonably priced source.

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i bought mine at home depot and lowe's store when they were on sale at 50-75% off. you may want to look into when the stores are ussualy mark down their product, just like mall marked down their product after thankgiving and christmast days. i live in texas zone 8 and every years around november the store start to mark down price for seasonal product like bulbs, that is when i go to shop for bubls. believe me, i buy lots of gardening supplly at low cost, home depot, lowe', and some nursery would mark down their plants or products which classify at seasonal merchant. you can check the store regularly to find out when they are begin to mark down or you can go check three months after the product sit on the shells, and remmber late fall is the time to shop for bargan, the plants may have been dorman by then but you can plant then and watch them come back glorius in spring.( i bought 5 containner of exotic canas for $10, they were sold for $14 per container in spring. )

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Jungs had some that were more reasonable than I've seen in amix of non-specific colors.I got Japanese iris instead!Posy Pet

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