problem with my carolina jasmine

bjp1March 16, 2010

I have a carolina jasmine on the porch in a large pot. Well shaded, and is 2 years old at about 5 ft. This winter with all the cold and rain, it appears as though it may have died. All the leaves have turned, and I am wondering if I should attempt to prune it back to promote growth....any suggestions ?

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There may be no other choice. I have the same issue with Laurelcherry.

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shouldn't it be ready to bloom? if you see any little buds, then leave it,or just prune off the dead or damaged stuff. if you don't see any signs of bloom, then it is ok to prune it back hard. i bet it will come back. keep it mulched in winter.

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Carolina jessamine, not jasmine, _Gelsemium sempervirens_, is native to the Southeastern United States and, thus, is widely distributed throughout our fields and woodlands. The more sun this native vine receives, the more flowers. I suggest that you move your Carolina jessamine out of its container and into a favorable spot in your landscape. A plant growing in a container is going to be a lot colder during the winter than a plant whose feet are planted firmly in Mother Earth.

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