anyone familiar w/Spring Hill Nursery? I just discovered them...

Lynn NevinsDecember 30, 2003

I was doing surfing on the net, and came across Spring Hill Nursery. A well-designed, attractive website always reels me in, and this site is terrific. Their search options are wonderful! You can indicate your zone, degree of sunlight available in your area, color plant you want, and type (i.e., perennial, bushes, etc.) And when it lists all the plants, the amount of information given on each plant is very comprehensive and well-displayed!!

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Do yourself a favor and check out Springhill has a terrible reputation, you can read what other gardeners have to say about Springhill and other companies there.

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Lynn Nevins

Boy, thanks for the tip! Mmmm... Spring Hill's level of consistency certainly seems questionable. I guess at the very least, I can use their site for ideas/good pictures and info, to determine plants that might be good for me. I didn't notice if they sell seeds, but if they do, maybe I'll just use them for that....


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My memory tells me that Spring Hill has rotten service, rotten plants, and an all around rotten reputation. Definitely use their pictures and information to learn from, but order from someone else.

Look at Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs site. Select Everybody Online for mail order sources, and don't forget to check the Garden WatchDog.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs

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I've seen a lot of comments on Spring Hill and other mail order nurseries, and I do pay attention to them. But you have to consider the price/service ratio. I've generally done very well with them. I recently had 2 problems, one was that the US Post Office smashed a shipping box. Spring Hill replaced all the damaged plants promptly and without any headaches. THe other was that a package of 3 Toad Lily bulbs arrived as mush. I called, and they said they'd replace them, but I haven't seen them as yet. Of course, it's January, so I haven't called to remind them either.

I agree their individual plant prices are nothing special, but their gardens are a good value. Their plants are small, but they've always grown to my satisfaction. I've used them a lot, I like them, and I'll continue to use them. In fact, I just ordered more from them.

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Last year I ordered some hydrangeas from them; they were small, but they did well and some of them even bloomed shortly after

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palma, if it is Hydrangeas you're looking for, you'd do much better with a place like Crownsville Nursery. Wonderful selection and great plants at reasonable prices. I ordered from them for the first time last year, and was quite pleasantly surprised to find such lovely plants, and both my hydrangeas gave me a decent amount of blooms. I would probably order from Bluestone Perennials (which sends out small but healthy plants) before I would order from Spring Hill

Here is a link that might be useful: Crownsville Nursery

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Wow, I just recieved their catalog and was planning to order since they have a $25 off coupon for a $50 order. What a bummer---they have 11 plants I wanted. They do have a lifetime guarantee though...

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Spring Hill and many other central IL. mailorder nurseries are owned by one individual that is well known locally and nationally as having inferior plants and horrible customer service. Check Garden Watchdog to verify the reliability of companies you're considering purchasing from. If you decide to buy from them I'd recommend not complaining in Garden Forum. A new sucker is born every day and those companies are delighted that's the case.

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mojo777(6 PA)

Yes. Check out the Watchdog BEFORE ordering from them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Watchdog - Spring Hill NurseriesA

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