get well to djm906

skohler(5)February 18, 2006


I hope the note"s you get from your friends here on garden web .will HELP you Make a speedy recovery.

thought & best wishes are with you


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I hope your feeling better!

Hugs and well wishes!

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Thinking of you Doris! Feel better very soon & please let us know how you're doing when you can! Your circle pal!


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We love you Doris get well hugs carol

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thank you all for the wishes for doris :))
Just wanted to share the Note I recieved from Doris's daughter deb
I had sent her the info on sunnysurprise's birthday
this month .

Please If doris is in any of your robins please send a note to her saying you understand . & exknowledge
all is well . thank you all
Thanks for the information. I am trying to get something together for her and will get it out as soon as possible. My mother is very upset, because she is involved in several swaps, and she is afraid everyone will think she is a 'deadbeat trader' and she won't be allowed to participate in any other swaps or robins.
She was admitted to the hospital with chest pains on Feb 2nd. They determined that she had pneumonia and was treated for that. In the course of one of the tests they ran, blood was taken from an artery, which continued to bleed under the skin. She had a huge bruise that went from elbow to armpit, but no one thought any more of it than a bad bruise. Evidently the blood pooled in her arm to the extent that it damaged some nerves to her hand. At this point she has no feeling and very limited use of her left hand. She is now in a nursing home for therapy. Some of the feeling is slowly coming back, but it may take several months. She is hoping to be home within a week, she has several doctor appointments in the next week, so we're hoping for some answers.
If you know of any other robins or swaps she is in, could you please relay the information to them, or ask them to contact me? She doesn't recall how many she was in, and I have been having problems getting onto garden web.
Thanks again, for the information,

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Would Doris's daughter consider listing her nursing home address so we can send her cards???Just wondering. Susan/giverny4me

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Anyone wanting to send a Get well card or gift to
Doris I have her address just email me please .
I do not put address on the forums without permission.

will be happy to send it email to you.
Its great how gardeners stick by gardeners


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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

Hi, Doris -
Hope you feel much better really soon!

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lisam627_ohio_z6(Z5 OH)

Hi Doris...hope you're feeling better soon! - Lisa

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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

Doris, am looking forward to you getting back with us. You are missed. Please get better. Mellen

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faintheart(z4b IA)

Thinking of you, Doris...wish you a speedy recovery!


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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

I wish you a fast recovery Doris. I was in the Valentine RR with you. I hope your feeling better,

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Hoping you will be up and around again real soon :)

Blue Skies,

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number_1_angel(z5 iowa)

Doris--I know we are all wishing you a speedy recovery-
Take care of yourself--and let us know how your are doing!!
Jeanette aka-number_1_angel (your 12 month seed swap sender)

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zoegurl2001(z7 OK)

Doris, I'm in the circle w/ you, and I hope that you will be feeling better very soon.


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PlantladyJan(z5 MI)

Best wishes Doris. You remain in our thoughts and prayers! Miss seeing your posts !

Sue Thanks so much for keeping us updated on Doris.
Please email her address! Thanks

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Please don't worry about the swaps and exchanges, just rest and feel better very soon. The seeds can wait.


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Poochella(7 WA)

I also want to pass on my wishes for a speedy recovery from what sounds to be an awful, and hopefully temporary, setback for Doris.

I think we ought to find out what nursing home Doris is in and send her flowers! She would truly know she is a Garden Web jewel if she doesn't already.

Susie, you do so much, but can you please be in touch with her daughter and let us know if flowers would be feasible to either facility or Doris' home? Meanwhile, I'm sending a card to her house.

Get well Doris!
Big hugs and a smooch from the Pooch

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I will email deb tonight
& see what I can find out . I sent a small gell well box
to her home address for I"m sure deb will be getting doris's mail each day for her.

To all who are in robins with her I know when she is feeling better you will get a package from her hope that
you won't give up on her ok .
thank you all &
I will post the info as soom as I get it .

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Get well wishes from me to you, Doris. Love you lots. Treasa

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Ok for anyone who wants to send cards letters ect to
doris here is her addy .
& a note from deb :))
will keep you updated as I get updated.

Brighton Gardens
Doris Morey Room 108
700 Euclid Ave.
Prospect Hts, IL 60070
She has an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow morning, so we may have more news then. He is the one that has ordered this therapy that she is receiving. If the therapy isn't doing enough, or if the slow regeneration of nerves stops, he may do surgery. At this point she has some feeling and movement in her little finger and the one next to it. Her middle finger has some feeling, no movement, and her thumb and index finger she cannot move or feel. At this point, I think she is more concerned about her robins, and all the seeds she had hoped to get started by this time!! I'll let you know if there is any news tomorrow.

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Just recieved word from deb on doris please I hope
everyone will take time to send a card & maybe share a small pk of seeds to cheer her up :))
it might make her therapy go better :))
sure you all know what its like to have to be away from
our addiction :))
all cards & letters can go to the nursing address
posted above

thanks to those of you who have sent cards .

now for the update
good night all

Hi Susie,
I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. She did get your box, she wanted me to thank you. She was just thrilled!! She has also received some cards, I can't think of who, off hand (I should have made a list), but she has them all hanging up on the bulletin board in her room.
She saw the orthopedic doctor on Weds, he is happy with the progress she is making. She does now have some feeling and movement in her little finger and ring finger on her left hand. Her middle finger is doing better, some movement, some feeling. The doctor way most encouraged by the strength she is showing in her thumb if he applied pressure. She was able to resist him moving it a bit. She will be at the nursing home for at least the next week and a half. She goes back to the doctor on March 8th and will be re-evaluated then. She's in good spirits, a bit bored with everything there, and anxious to get home and get her seeds started!!
Monday she has an appointment with her oncologist, but it is just a routine follow up. When she was in the hospital he did a CAT scan and told her everything looked clear, so not expecting any real news from him. She has had 2 unrelated cancers in the past 3 years, but so far, everything there is looking good!
She has been very upset that the nursing home doesn't have a computer for patients to use, but they just laughed and said, no one had ever asked about a computer before! She really misses her time on Garden Web!

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Forgot to ask

anyone haven a trade with doris going on /or if she is
in your robin please let me know details so I can send to deb . please include gw name , names & address & for what robin .

thank you

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Poochella(7 WA)

Thanks for the great update, daughter and Susie. Wonderful news that Doris is progressing! I hope soon she'll be able to pluck even the most delicate seed from its package and plop it into the earth. So glad to hear of her improvement.

Go Doris Go!

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just recieved a note from doris daughter deb & doris is home for the day and may try to get on today so wanted to
welcome her back if she gets on the gw today .
this way she can read all your wishes to her :))

we wish you a smooth recovery welcome home .
missed you .


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Thank you Susie for letting me know this was here. My mother was home for a few hours and struggled to type out a post, but it was accidently deleted when she hit a wrong button. She was so upset and frustrated because typing is tedious for her with the paralyzed fingers. She hand wrote the following note and asked me to post it:

Belatedly I want to thank Diane H for the beautiful bird feeder. I have a small pedestal that she will stand on in the front garden. I love it!!

Jeannete, Many thanks for the fuzzy valentine heart, candy, and seeds. That was a special treat!

Treasa, I have so enjoyed reading your books while recuperating. The cookbooks are perfect for my collection. I have read through them from cover to cover. The stickers and chocolate, along with the pile of seeds are great! Most of the seeds I did not have. Also, I love the cologne, thank you so much.

Susie, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. Chicken soup, perfect when I get home. The books I am reading at the nursing home. I love the body wash, lotion, and bath net. Old Farmers Almanac, never had one before, reading that now! Plus the chocolate, and the cute candle holder, thanks so much!!

Amy, I had your name down to thank, but things got a bit mixed, and I don't remember what you send. But, many thanks for your thoughtfulness.
A big thanks for the cards you all sent. They are on my bulletin board near my bed, where I can see them.
Thank you everyone for the good wishes you posted.

Also, a quick note to Tina, I am so happy all turned our well with your husband. What a frightening thing to have to go through.

Hope to be back in the garden very soon now.

I will also take care of all the obligations I have not been able to, as soon as I get home.


Thank you Susie for the candy and notecards. Your package was waiting for her when she got back to the nursing home this evening.

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Just a quick update. Doris had an appointment with the orthopedic doctor yesterday. He is happy with her progress. Her therapist thinks that within a week or so, she should be ready to go home. They will start working on doing the type of tasks she will be doing at home, so she can learn to cope with the limited use of her left hand.
Thank you, Beth, for the card, she received it yesterday. She has it hanging on her bulletin board with her other cards. She has received so many cards from all her friends here!!

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djm906(midwest z5)

I just got home for good last Thursday. Today, the visitng nurse came. She will be seeing me once a week for the next 4 weeks. It seems I have a heart problem and she will be teaching me how to handle it. Also today the physical therapist came to evaluate me for leg exercise and tomorrow, the occupation therapist is coming to evaluate me. He will be working on my hand and fingers. The nursing home did all they were able so now I need the in home therapy. I've been told I cannot drive yet, but I an sure I will manage when they are not around, plus there are evenings. I will try to take care of everyone who has been so patient and wonderful by sending all those good wishes and cards. I think I had the most decorated room in the whole nursing home Plus the gifts and seeds, it really made my stay a happy one! Thanks again, my dear friends, Doris

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I send you more get well wishes for a speedy recovery.
Rest mixed in with therapy and time, will help to heal.
Just think of sunny days...they will be here before you know it.

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I am so happy to see you back home. We all have missed you so very much.
I think of you quite often. I sowed some of the seeds you sent me as a gift, and they are doing wonderfully. With each watering, I remember you :-).
I think I can speak for everyone (I hope I am not crossing any lines here) when I say that you don't have any boxes to make up. Your being home and on the mend is all the gift any of us need. Oh you have truly been missed. I also want to send a big thank you to your wonderful daughter. She has been on the ball and making sure to keep us all updated.
Sending big hugs to you. Prayers for a full recovery.
Love, Tina

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djm906(midwest z5)

I thought I should add a post note to this, I am a little behind again. While I had planned to send my boxes out early in the week, I found myself back in the ER last Monday, with a nasty virus and I do not have an immune system, so I spent the rest of the week in the hospital. Just got out this evening. I think I've seen enough hospitals for the rest of my life! Meantime my dear friends, trust me a little longer. I did take care of 2 of my obligations just before my illness. And, can you believe this? When I brought my clothes out of the closet in my room, I discovered my shoes were missing! They looked all over and could not find, so I ended up coming home with two pairs of booties on my feet! The hospital said they would keep me posted and if no luck, I just may go out and get another pair of Reeboks and present the hospital with the bill! I doubt if they would pay it, but no harm in trying!

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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Gosh Doris sounds like you need some rabbits feet or lucky clovers or some such thing. Hope you stay away from the hospital for the rest of the year. That is not a good place to be hanging out at.
Take your time and take care of yourself. It's a new month. Time for a fresh start.
Has spring shown it's face in your part of the world yet??? The snow here started to melt for the first time since October. I'm READY!

    Bookmark   April 1, 2006 at 11:19PM
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I have received my seeds from Doris.......thank you so much.
Continue to heal, my friend...and good luck to you.

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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

Dear Doris, So sorry that you were in the hospital again. But happy to hear that you are out! You are such a gift to us. Take care of yourself, please? Mellen

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