Privacy hedge for shady area

lisa2004(NY Z5/6)June 3, 2009

I've posted bits and pieces of this problem on other forums, I wish I had thought of this one first.

I want to plant a hedge, approx 6' high, along my property to provide privacy and also to keep my dogs in my yard. I recently ordered 40 privet plants (in a moment of insanity). They will be delivered in the fall. My yard is quite large... about 1.5 acres, so some of the area where I want to plant the hedge is part sun and some is mostly shade. From searching I've done it seems that privet will not do well in shade. Anyone disagree? (For the record, privet does not seem to be invasive in my area).

So, now I'm wondering... could I use the privet in the sunnier areas and maybe boxwood in the shady areas? Does boxwood tolerate dappled shade conditions? Or is there something better? I don't want rhododendrons, azaleas or mountian laurel because they are not dense enough and because I've really never liked them. I already paid for the privet so I have to figure them into the plan.

I've read that hollys make good hedges but I'm not sure what kind grows 6' high or if they tolerate shade... also, they may be too expensive.

Any help is appreciated. Please keep in mind that cost per plant is a factor just because of the number of plants I need.

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korean boxwood and alpine currant grows the same height as privet and the same density and is good for shade. If you want it to blend in with the privet I would go with the boxwood. You could put the privet in the sunny areas and alternate with the boxwood in partial shade and continue with the boxwood into the shade

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Nellie Stevens hollies do well in shade, but may not be dense enough to keep dogs contained unless there is a fence behind them. You could always layer your plants with the hedge behind plants of interest. If there is a fence, climbing hydrangea is great on fences and you could add height with chicken wire that wouldn't show once the plants are established. No need to prune these and they will grow even higher than the six feet you are looking for. Remember if you plant boxwood you need to pick it (pinch out pieces to let air and light in) in December to keep it healthy. I've used the pieces to decorate inside and make wreaths-smells wonderful.

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