How to make rainwater safe for consumption

countrynewbie13December 8, 2013

Hi All...

I recently moved into a house that has its' water supply coming in via a cistern. My husband and I were having filtered water trucked in, but it was getting expensive. Currently, we are harvesting rainwater via our roof and downspout and that has helped with costs. However, I have concerns that this is not safe to consume for us and our young children. The water is not being filtered as it is coming in - just goes through a softener. I almost always get my water from the refrigerator, which has a filter in it, but from the research I have done, that filter doesn't really purify it.

I am looking for a solution to purify the rainwater coming in for drinking purposes only (just the kitchen). I am ok with using it in other areas of the home as is - bathing, laundry, etc.

Would love to hear options and opinions...

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This is great question shared.

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I would absolutely filter it.

You do have other options.
1 = boil
2 iodine
both should make it safe as far as pathogens, but not stuff like toxins, metals etc...
i use city water, but i have a dual filter.
1st is a 10 micron carbon block
2nd is a .7 micron filter.
Its hard to find the smaller size (less than 1 um)
but they are around.

here is a .5

i love this chart, it tells me everything i need...

Carbon should get rid of a lot, you may even be able to make a sand/carbon filter.
I am guessing you could keep the rain barrel elevated for pressure, and run PVC pipes to a home water filter like this...


Here is a link that might be useful: chart LINK

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