Searching for South American berry fruit seeds

greenfrog(VIC Australia)December 1, 2003


I've been searching a long time without success for a source for seed of the South American bramble species such as:

Giant Columbian Blackberry - Rubus macrocarpus

Mora de Castilla - Rubus glaucus

Mora de Rocota - Rubus roseus

Mora Común - Rubus adenotrichus

Does anyone know of a seed catalog that carries them, or even better is there somewhere I can advertise to trade seeds with people in South America? Hope someone can help!


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I found Rubus glaucus in the 1998 edition of an international edible plant sourcebook but the one nursery listed for it I think is not in operation at the moment. Since none of the other species you have listed here were included - at least under the same botanical names - I'm inclined to think they have not been available from commercial sources recently. You'll probably have to rely on botanical gardens or private parties that can secure them for you. Sometimes with specific wild plants you may even have to correspond with someone who lives in/near the native range and talk them into collecting some for you and sending them over.

Perhaps these particular items have been hard to find due to concerns about weediness. You might want to check to see if there are any agricultural restrictions placed on them.

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