Hyacinth Discussion in Charlotte

linusv(Z7 CLT NC)March 16, 2007

Hello All

Last year I planted a few Hyacinths as can be seen in the pic. This year I would like to plant a few more but came accross different experiences from the folks on this forum with their Hyacinths.

I would like to hear from gardeners in the Charlotte and surrounding areas on their experiences with Hyacinths and which Hyacinth bulbs they will recommend for the Charlotte area.

I heard that Hyacinths come back weaker each year and some have to replant fresh bulbs. Others do well with fertilizing. I would appreciate your experiences on what worked well and what to avoid.

Any idea how long the flowers last?

Many Thanks


Here is a link that might be useful:

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jqpublic(7b/8a Wake County NC)

Well about 7 years ago we bought 9 Hyacinth bulbs. 3 were white, 3 were magenta, and 3 were hot pink.

We scattered them in three clumps of one color each in our yard. 2 of the clumps were in shadier areas with lots of other plants growing around them. The third clump was planted in a sunnier spot away from any other plants. That third clump is still blooming this year. The flowers have spread and multiplied. The white one even set a seed a few feet away and this year it made a small white bloom. So thats what I did and they lasted. We don't fertilize just mulch and we don't touch them or cut them back. Other than mulching we try and gather any seed pods and bury them in an inch or so of dirt in the same area. G;luck. I'll try and show you some pics.

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jqpublic(7b/8a Wake County NC)

here is the link to the pictures

In the far back are the magenta ones...in the middle are the hot pink ones...and closest to the camera are the white ones. Also notice in the bottom left corner our renegade white hyacinth seedling w/ tiny bloom :)

Also in the vicinity of the hyacinths are Tulips (not in bloom yet), Dutch irises, sedum autumn joy, and some spent crocuses.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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linusv(Z7 CLT NC)

jqpublic Thanks for sharing the advise and the pic. I am tempted to go ahead with my plans of adding a border to the garden compromising of white Hyacinths based on how well they grow in your neck of the woods.

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linusv(Z7 CLT NC)

Wondering if their are any recommendations to any local stores that might stock Hyacinths. I probably get my first lot from Home Depot and they worked out good. The only drawback is that they have limited colors available.

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jqpublic(7b/8a Wake County NC)

To tell you the truth...a lot of grocery stores are selling potted (already blooming) hyacinths. Since the hyacinths in our area are also blooming outside these might actually stand a good chance of making it to next spring since they are on schedule with nature. I think we bought out hyacinths from a local nursery during the fall. Good luck!

Oh by the way. The place where my bulbs are located is in the front yard which faces southeast. It does get some afternoon shade though, but I doubt that makes a difference. Remember to mulch and give them well drained soil when first planted then they should come back. Also I must note that I was one of the unlucky few to have a weird reaction to handling the bulbs. They caused my arms to itch a lot for maybe a day. It wasn't horrible but I recommend using gloves and not rustling the bag of bulbs too much (due to dust).

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linusv(Z7 CLT NC)

Yes I did read about the reaction some people develop to handling bulbs. It is recommended that one washes the bulbs or use gloves.

I will take a drive around Charlotte nurseries to see if I can find Hyacinths ready to be planted.


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