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snibb(Salt Lake City)January 22, 2013

It's about time to start thinking about starting seeds indoors. Anybody growing anything unusual? I've got a few things growing-about 72 plants right now. For the first time I'm growing kohlrabi and can't wait to see how it turns out. Stop by my website and look around for ideas on how to start seeds. I'm at

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I am a backyard gardener and I checked out your web site. Nice. I have begun a process of converting to "edible landscape" which includes a small 10X20 foot squarefoot garden. How do you make your seeding pots? I just put in a grow light system to start my plants early and I am intending to use "newspaper pots" that I will make. The instructions that I found on the internet seems to indicate that you need to use four thicknesses of newspaper. This could be too thick to plant the pot in the ground, which I would like to do. Any ideas? This is the second year of my conversion to edible landscape. Last year I planted fruit - peach, plums, asian pear, jujube, apricot, cherry, fufu persimmon, raspberries, strawberries, hardy kiwi, and figs. This year I am adding paw paw trees, blue berry, bush cherries, fuzzy kiwi, and huckleberries. I am also building a raised bed where I will plant ground cherries, marigolds and nasturtiums. I thought about trying to squarefoot garden this bed, but I have never grown ground cherries, so I will put it off until next year. For my vegetables I will plant bell and hot peppers, tomatoes (3 types), radishes (around the larger plants), bush beans, swiss chards, zucchini, yard long beans (in back against the fence), and egg plant. How do you squarefoot bush beans and swiss chards?

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snibb(Salt Lake City)

Charlieboring, if you look at some previous posts of mine you'll see the potmaker cups being made. I only use a single sheet of ordinary newspaper and then use a small piece of tape to hold it together. The instructions on the box say to use a piece that is 3 1/2" wide and 10" long. When they go in the garden, I pull off the tape and plant. In the SFG system you plant 4 swiss chard plants per square. For bush beans it's 9 per square. I'm pretty sure there are pictures of both of these in my gallery. Hope that helps.

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I planted a pot of kohlrabi last august, just to try, never expected anything would come from it.
Sat on our deck through pretty cold weather, looking sick I placed the pot in a cold frame I finished up in Dec.
After a week of warm like weather in Dec they were looking great, even new growth seemed to be starting.
I'm afraid to look now, been single digits here for over a week, 28 degrees inside the cold frame last I checked.
Picture shows pot in Dec after I placed it in cold frame.

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another shot of kohlrabi in dec

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snibb(Salt Lake City)

that whole set-up looks great. Your greenhouse covers-are they just 2X4's covered with plastic?

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Yes, 4 ml plastic 2 layers, just temporary.
I will be adding plexiglass sheets to the top this spring

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