Anyone live in Greenville, SC? or Gainesville, FL?

bellasmom06March 24, 2011

I see some posts from 2 years ago...but...I am an avid gardner that wants to move south, so I can garden more of the year. I am thinking of Greenville because I have seen homes I like and it seems to have the type of weather I like. I also am looking at Gainesville as another choice. The climate seems OK, but I have not been able to find any homes with an acre of land, and less than 5 years old, that I like. I want as little winter as possible, and I'll take hot humid summers, as that is what I have I Missouri!

Anyone out there live in these areas? I'm single, working, active and 50ish. Thanks!!! Kathy

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I live in Gainesville, GA. The weather here is very much like Greenville. I'm not sure about Gainesville, FL. We have a large lake, Lake Lanier, all around Gainesville, Hall County. We are 60 miles NE of Atlanta. We are in the foothills of the mountains. Check out Gainesville, Ga. This is a really nice place to live. Sarah

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I'm just outside of Greenville. Summers definitely get hot and humid, but I love the weather overall. Last year many of my crops died from the drought and high heat, so I'm hoping and praying for more rain this summer.

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buford(7 NE GA)

I'm also near Greenville, in Buford, just south of Gainesville GA. We do get winter here. In fact, this year we had snow that stayed for a week because it didn't get warm enough to melt! But usually it's not that bad. We are in full spring right now, my roses are budding up and the lawn is almost green. I like it here (we moved 10 years ago from NY)because we are close to Atlanta and there are plenty of things to see and do, but it isn't as hectic as some metro areas.

I don't know much about the real estate here, most of the homes are in subdivisions with small lots, but there are some larger properties around. And it's a great time to buy. Good luck!

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Thanks guys! I am still not sure where I will end up. I just wish I had a job to go to. I'm recently divorced, and have no family, so I can go anywherwe. I do secretary/clerical work. I'm in south central Missouri and the summers get very hot and humid, so that is nothing new. I think I would like the southeast gardening better than the southwest??? I'll keep looking!!!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

If I could move anywhere, it would be Waynesville, NC. Or if you need to be in a city, Asheville. I'm from Greenville and Asheville and Waynesville are just sooooo much better.

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Well...I checked out Waynesville and it looks great, except that it is higher elevation and snow!!! I am hoping for less snow than here in Missouri! Thanks guys!!!!

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My son just moved back from Asheville. There are so many young college age people in Asheville. He has a degree in History, but worked at Best Buy for a year, looking for a better job. If you should get near Gainesville, Atlanta is only one hour's drive away and the areas around Atl. (Lilburn, Norcross, Cumming, Alpharetta) pay better than Gainesville. Check out Buford/Flowery Branch for a happy medium between Gainesville and Atlanta. North Carolina is a beautiful state, but I think there are prob. fewer jobs there.

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I love Greenville. It's plenty cold enough for me here. We get 4 seasons and this area of the country is just beautiful. The cost of living is so much better than other areas. The housing is MUCH cheaper.

If you want land you probably want to look in Greer. This is just on the out-skirts of Greenville.

Good luck!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Greenville SC

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I just saw this post so you may have already made your move. I live in Gainesville, Fl and I love it. We have the University of Florida here. The town is very clean and it is called the "tree city". Lots of trees.

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That whole area down the 185 corridor from NC line to near Atlanta is great area to live. Gainesville, Ga. or Greenville, SC would certainly be two of my preferences.

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