Worms on Cannas

jodia(8)March 5, 2006

I have grown Cannas for years here in SW Ga, but last year they were all invested with some type of worm. The worms seem to hatch inside the leaves, after they have spun some sort of silk that prevents the leaves from opening. They then eat the plant from the inside out. Does anyone know exactly what kind of pest this is and how to get rid of them. My Cannas were so ugly last year I cut them all down.

Thanks, Jodia

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moonsheller(z8b SC)

Jodia, You have leaf rollers in your cannas. You can use BT on them and be sure to get all the foliage cut and removed each fall. Don't compost it- you may save the eggs in the compost.
Better luck this year.

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Hi. I have the same problem. What is BT? Will 7 dust do the trick? Can I treat them now before the leaves get going good? Thanks.

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hgalindo(8B Houston)

Instead of putting pesticides everywhere, I would recommend just cutting them back to the ground and throwing the trimmings in a bag in the trash (don't want them escaping). I had leaf rollers and some other nasty canna attacker last year but the cannas grow in my drainage ditch so there was no way I was going to spread poison to the whole neighborhood with pesticides... I just whacked them back and they grew back with a vengeance! Now I've learned to cut ALL my cannas back in the winter and throw the trimmings away so the nasty larva and such that are waiting to destroy my cannas next year don't survive to do so.

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it sounds like you have leafrollers on your Cannas. Put some time released pest control granules on the ground around the Cannas as soon as possible. This will kill any larve that may be in the ground.

Also Praying Mantis' are good NATURAL controllers of leafrollers.

So are birds; You could put a bird feeder near your Cannas. leafrollers are a yummy snack to birds.

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I also have had that problem with my Cannas last year. Where in SW Georgia are you? I'm about 50 miles from Fla line.

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daveandlaura(8b-S. Louisiana)

Bt is Bacillus thurigensis, a bacteria that kills the leaf roller caterpillars. Same thing is used in mosquito dunks.

You can get it in a concentrated liquid that you dilute and spray on the cannas.

Also good for caterpillars that eat brugmansia flowers.

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Try Orthene 75S and spray it about 10 to 20 days apart. The moth comes out as temps warm up and lays eggs in the unfurled leaves. Those eggs hatch into the leaf rollers you see. But because the eggs and worms are INSIDE the unfurled leaves, they are difficult to get to. Canna leaves are also slick and chemicals roll off them. So chemicals are not always effective.

Watch for the silken threads that bind the leaves and when you can, unfurl the leaves and retrieve the worms. If you have a pond, toss the worms in there for your fish. Free fish food! My gold fish love them.

If any leaves are badly damaged and unsightly, I'd cut them off and throw them away in the trash (not the compost). Other than the ugliness they present, the leafrollers don't kill your cannas and they don't infest other plants, not even bananas and gingers. They feast on canna leaves only.

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