cimicifuga not blooming

ginatruJuly 22, 2004

This is the second year I've seen it put out a one inch long bud and then that's it. The plant itself appears to be thriving. What is going on? It's my 3rd season for this plant. It gets sun in the middle of the day, shade in morning, late afternoon and evening, plenty of water. Thanks for any suggestons, Gina

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

What kind of cimicifuga is it? Some of them are really late bloomers. My Cimicifuga simplex 'The Pearl' aka Kamchatka Bugbane blooms each year in late October/early November! It's been in the garden since 2000 and has managed to make it into bloom each year before the frost gets it. It's a great plant and I love it for those late, late flowers! If you have that one and it's in a low spot that would be a frost pocket, that could be one reason why you don't get bloom....? Do you know the botanical name of yours? (Of course, if it's putting out buds now, that's probably not what it is...)

Nov. 6, 2002:

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On the tag I have it says Cimicifuga ramosa 'James Compton'. There is a dark tinge on the edges of the plant; it isn't solid green like the one in your photo. The one I have looks really striking next to my green ferns. The tag came off a young plant I purchased this spring that I thought looked exactly like the one that I'm posting about. Of course, the young plant is only 1/3 the size and has no buds so far. It does say bloom time is Aug.- Oct. so maybe it is too early, however, I seem to remember last year the blooms really never took off either. They stalled at an inch of length. I'm pretty sure the year before that the blooms were a respectable 6". I'm not one to fertilize much, though I did throw some Espoma around my perennials this spring and it's the first time I've tried that. Not sure I could tell that it did much. Could that be the problem? I plan to put some compost on everything by this fall and hopefully that might help. I appreciate your reply and any others. G.

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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

I just bought a James Compton this summer so I don't have experience yet with that one but I'd guess it might still bloom if it's supposed to be a late season bloomer. What's the soil like? I have mine in areas where there's lots of leaf mold although the underlying soil is fairly heavy clay. They all bloom even though they're in quite a bit of shade - get no direct sun, just sun slanting in under the trees. I suspect some of mine would bloom more prolifically if they got a bit more direct sun so your light conditions sound reasonable to me so maybe it's a matter of waiting until they mature a bit more....?

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I'll keep my fingers crossed it's just too early. They are in pretty loamy soil. I'm careful to make sure it stays moist since they do get some direct sum for a little while each day. The other things that are happy in the same bed are epimedium, perennial geranium, daylillies, ferns, iris, and columbine. My nasturtiums never took off, and can't yet tell about a couple of hostas I planted there this spring. Thanks again and I'll keep you posted and perhaps put up a photo if things don't improve....I'll need the husband's help with that though, ; 0

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