most reliable spring blooming flower or tree for NC

edhodge(NWArk)March 26, 2012

My very dearest friend has just been diagnosed with cancer. I want to send her a spring blooming flower or tree that will come back year after year, as a reminder to her that she will be here to see it. She lives in the Raleigh area on a very shady lot. I thought about a bunch of crocus bulbs but my understanding is they do better if planted in the fall. Can you help me?

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How about Cornus florida, flowering dogwood? An iconic native tree of the eastern woodland understory and readily available at nurseries.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Does she have any native azaleas? They are a real feast for the eyes (and nose).

I've stopped recommending dogwoods because of the prevalence of disease issues. NC is certainly right in the hotbed of this problem.

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I second esh_ga's suggestion of _Cornus florida_. Another good native, understory spring-flowering tree is the redbud (_Cercis canadensis_). The typical color of the redbud is mauve, but it also comes in a beautiful white version (_Cercis canadensis alba_).

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