Mr. Lincoln's new home

jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.September 15, 2010

We received Mister Lincoln by accident from Heirloom Roses, so, we decided to grow it in a container to see how it did here.

I do not spray fungicides, so, I was very leary of putting Mister Lincoln into the ground. So, in a container it went.

But, to my surprise Mister Lincoln has made it through the season so far with no Blackspot and very clean foilage.

So, I decided to plant it in the ground and will hope for the best next season. lol

It's planted out front by our porch stairs.


Mister Lincoln in it's container


Mister Lincoln in it's new home


Some Mister Lincoln blooms from this season:

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I love Mr. Lincoln!
Yours is beautiful and growing so well.
Ours is ancient.... well, about a dozen years old. It's grafted, and it really suckers. Plus, now it has that big wooden crown that grafted roses get. I would love to replace it with an own root when we can. Such a great rose.

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kstrong(10 So Cal)

Interesting -- I was told that Mr. Lincoln could not grow on its own roots -- had to be grafted. Looks like it can.

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Not a big fan of red but Mr Lincoln is oh so pretty. Judy

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I hope he does as well next season for you because I think this is the most gorgeous of all red HTs.

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My father used to grow Lincoln in his rose garden in the late'60's-'70's. I just love this rose and its scent. I'm glad to hear he stayed clean! I'm thinking about a future purchase...

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Thanks everyone! I'll let you know how this own-root Lincoln does next season.
First it ust make it through winter. lol

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Did i hear scent ?

mmm yes Mr Lincoln...i almost smell it,
imagen smellorama on you're pc so we could really smell the scent.

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