UPDATE: ****Febuary ***** Hortiholics update

mgood4u(z6-PA)February 1, 2006

Hello Hortiholics! It is almost springtime. I can't wait! Although the winter has been very mild, it will be soooo nice to see the Daffodils again, especially the new ones I planted.

Let us know about your goodies here on the thread (as ususal). Can't wait to get back into plant trading with you guys again. I got enough seeds for 20 gardens! lol.

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!


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I received my January box from Julus today. In it was a Banana Nut candle, a metal patriotic welcome sign, a ceramic rabbit jar, and a wind chime. Thank you very much, Julus!!! Treasa

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hi everyone, i have not been able to post so i had to sign under a different name..until it works again


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was is everyone?

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Erica, I'm still the same. I am able to post. : ) Treasa

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Hi Erica and everyone! We're still here (for the most part)!

Congrats to Treasa, btw.....she's a Grandma! And the baby is sooooo beautiful!

Anyone doing any WSing? Got any sprouts? I have sprouts from Phlox of Sheep, Creme Brulee, Statice, Dianthus 'Fancy Frills', and Lupine 'Cherry Red'. I'm excited!!!! :)

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hi guys, i wanted to post that i got my box yesterday. could not post my daughter had strep so i was very very busy..lol sick kids ---it's so awful..you made our day as usual.. she is so sick and had to go to the er.. your box came and she was so excited about the candy..she said my secert pal must have known that she had to stay home..

thank you for make us smile and laugh we had so much fun opening the box. it brighten our sicky day....

cute little town photo album
chicken suop for the girlfriends soul book----- lol love it--
a big bag of hershey kisses--lokking for a hidding spot now..lol
canterbury bells seeds
morning glory seed mix
pink perennial sweet pea seeds
cosmos white seeds
wodden jam plauqe --great for the new paint in the kitchen-
hot chick car fresher

my box is ready to go. but i am waiting for my pal to return home from her vaction.. erica

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Erica... I know how it is to have sick kids! My haven't been 100% since summer......the weather, I guess. Lots of colds, coughs, runny noses, allergies, strep.....you name & they have probably had a bout of it this year! Hope you all feeling well! Dawn

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hello, my gardening friends..lol

where is everyone, snowed in-- in hiding? i've been very busy here. sick 7 year old and making candles..oh and work hehehe

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efrosty1(Z9 fla.)

has my pal made it back from vaction yet? does anyone know? wanting to ship soon, but i want to make sure she has last box before...

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julus_pahl(z4 WI)

Hummm? Bummer I haven't recieved a January or February package yet?

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efrosty1(Z9 fla.)

just checking in...

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Hi all. Got back from my warm and toasty vacation in Arizona last weekend. I've never seen so many beautiful days in a row! Guess that's why they're having a drought out there. I'm finally getting a chance to hit the computer again. Three and a half weeks without it wasn't tooooo bad. When I arrived home there was a package from Erica that contained the following:Japanese beetle bait trap (these bugs are the demons of my garden..how did you know?),garden theme rubber stamps and palette guide, bath goodies, allium bulbs, garden magazines and CHOCOLATE! (Hope I didn't forget anything. Thanks so much. You made my return to winter a happier one.
Only a couple more weeks till SPRING!!! And I saw my first snow drops today. Have a good weekend, Barb

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Looks like your pal made it back Erica.....lol! Sounds like a great trip.

Julus.......here we go again! I'll email your pal and see whats up. I am sure they will be on the way though. I'll be in touch.

Barb, I am assuming you mean Snowdrops (the flower)! I have my first Crocus up already....it's so exciting! Haven't seen the Snowdrops yet, I'll have to check on them. I only had a few so I hope they are still around!

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efrosty1(Z9 fla.)

glad you had a great trip my dear pal.. i have 2 Crocus that already bloomed and i live in ohio.. crazy this weather is....

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efrosty1(Z9 fla.)

i will ship probably on fri.. since my pal just came home.. then i will send another for march after a week or so..i hope that is ok..erica

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Barb.....found some Snowdrops....yaahhh! It's so nice to see flowers!

Julus, I haven't heard from Tina yet, but what I have heard is that her DH was having some health problems. I am sure she will get back to us soon.

Tina...wishing your husband lots of luck and a quick recovery. Hope you are all doing a lot better!!!!!

Erica.....you always post the cutest pics. It really does brighten up the thread!

Seems like we haven't heard from some of us Hortiholics. I know we are down to a pretty small # though. Keep in touch everyone.

ONLY 2 MORE MONTHS TO GO AND IT WILL BE 1 YEAR ALREADY!!!!! yes, that's right all we have left to swap with our pals is March and April! My how time flys!

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claudia_1078(z4 mn)

Sorry the delay - I had trouble loggin on the garden website, weird.
Barb, I hope you had great holidays. I received the February package, what surprises. The ammonite is beautiful!! It makes you wonder and think how amazing nature can be. I found a special place for it. Thanks again for all the thoughtfullness you put in these packages.
Here we are waiting for another snow storm - no snowdrops or crocus in sight!! It's a good thing I have all the flowers at work. I can't wait to 'play' in the dirt again!!

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efrosty1(Z9 fla.)

i will be shipping on fri. my feb. package since my pal was out of town then i will send my next package out later..

how about a special theme for apirl like- bulbs or something to go out with a bang!!

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I'm back. Julus I am truly so very sorry for being so, so late.
I am going to fatten up a big ol' box for you to hopefully make up for lack of time. I am so sorry.

I haven't heard anything from Carly since Christmas. I hope she is doing ok. I miss hearing from her!

Rick is doing SO much better. He is just now back to work full time, so I am trying to get completely caught up on everything.
Thanks for all the well sihes and prayers we received. You all are so wonderful.

I will post when I have your stuff ready and a conf. # Julus.

Thanks for everything!

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Hey Tina, glad things are looking up! It's good to see you back! I can't remember the last time I talked to Carly now that you mention it. Have you gotten packages from her? That is odd. Hope she is alright. Maybe I'll give her an email.

I wish I knew something about Tammy (outapatience) also. I never did hear anything.

Erica-good idea about the theme for April. Bulbs are nice since it will be time for spring planting.

Let's take a vote. Do you guys want to do an April theme or have any suggestions? There are only seven Horts now! lol. So everyone has posted here now except for Carly. I think I will email her.


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I talked to Carly and she is fine, just really busy since Christmas. Sounds like she could use some Calgon (remember that commercial?lol)

Tina~ she apologizes for the delay and is working in sending--but we you knew you would Carly! :)

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No apologies needed! I just miss hearing from her ;-)
Hopefully we don't lose touch after this robin ends.
I am so happy to see spring trying to make it's way back here. The lilacs are budding out, and we have Robins!!! again. That is a sure sign of Spring!
I have all kinds of bulbs wakinig up, and bushes budding out. I love this time of year. Everything starts anew. Fresh air, babies popping up from their long winters nap. I just love it!

So glad to hear that Carly is doing good, and just busy as aposed (sp?) to something be wrong. I know what she means!
I want ya'll to know I appreciate every single one of you.

Dawn, thank you for hangin' out with us this past year. You have done an excellent! job of hosting and I am so proud of you!
Looking towards blue skies and green pastures!
Much Love,

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