kk304March 12, 2007

when does asparagus normally become available in the farmers markets in the Columbia, SC area? I'd like to get some to freeze, like my sister-in-law in Delaware does. She buys a bushel of asparagus each year, and says that it freezes beautifully.

If there are any growers out there, I wonder if you could share any secrets? I've had a patch that I planted many (maybe 7) years ago. I think they should be producing nicely now, but I still only get about 2 stalks per week during the summer. No where near the output I'd like to get!

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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

I don't know what your problem could possibly be that you're stand is years old and you're only getting 2 stalks a week. I have a bed that was already established when we bought the place. About 120 ft. of row. I usually get around 7-8 lbs. a week from this. I planted another 20 plants last year and from about 10 plants have already cut enough for a meal for 2 people so far this spring. I'll only cut off last years planting for maybe 2 weeks this year. I also planted another 40 plants this year.

When I plant asparagus I dig a hole 8-10 inches deep and spread out the roots. Then I cover the root with a couple inches of soil. As the stalk grow up I put more dirt in the hole until all the dirt is used. I've got good ground so I didn't amend with anything when I planted.

Wish I could offer more info. You might ask your local extension horticulture agent.


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decolady01(7a/6b AL/TN)

kk304, what kind of soil do you have and how did you prep your bed before planting? Those two things can affect your production. I have a 16'x2' bed of several green varieties that is now 10 years old. It produces well. Enough so that we can have asparagus daily during the season. I also have a 3'x10' bed of purple asparagus that is 3 years old. This is the first year I have begun harvesting from it and before this cold snap had gotten enough for two good meals. It tends to sprout a little later than the green asparagus.


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