Plants around a Pine Tree

whyclefMarch 20, 2011

I live in East Texas and have landscaped a round flower bed that encircles a Pine Tree. Unfortunately, I have had trouble getting anything to grow around it without a lot of daily watering in past years. Of course, it would look great if I could get something to grow around it. Any recommendations on plants to grow near Pine Trees? Is it possible?

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What about bulbs? I have several pine trees, I "limb them up" meaning I remove the lower branches to let light in. I have gladioulus under one, I have a Penelope (old garden rose) rose and irises under one, and I have a Ballerina (another old garden rose) and irises under another. Do you have enough light? Other drought tolerant things would be like black-eyed susan, sage. Anyway, I do not water the roses much extra. Nor the bulbs.

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...without watering. Maybe any tree would cause the same problem. It's bigger, so it demands more water.

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