Is this not enough shade?

crescent_moonJuly 18, 2004

Hi everyone,

I think I have miscalculated how much shade I have in my front bed.It's west facing,but with lots of mature oaks,pines and cedars.I have 7 coral bells (mint frost),3

foamflowers,1 barrenwort and 2 heuchera that are very dark purple.Also 5 songbird columbines.They were all put in this

spring and all of them have had browned leaves and burnt

edges.I have 2 areas where I could possibly move them.

1)the north side of my house which faces deep woods

2)behind our 2 car garage.Both of these areas are deep shade;I mean not a sliver of sunlight on either areas.

Would that be too much shade?Any ideas?thanks,


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PurdueDavid(z5 IN)

Sounds more like a water problem than a sun problem. The coral bells will grow well with quite a bit of sun. I don't have any of the others listed.

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

the columbines can tolerate some sun too - i have some that grow prosper and do quite well in full sun. it might be a water problem - too much water - not enough water - poor drainage? dig down into the soil and see what you have for moisture say 3"-6" deep.

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I stuck my finger down in the soil about 3 inches or so.It
feels rather moist,but not too wet.I did amend the bed with a lot of compost last fall before I planted it this spring.
I don't think it's a drainage problem;the bed slopes down slightly.Any more ideas?Thank You!

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It doesn't feel like a sun problem to me either. I have all of those West facing under a Red Oak. They do well.

I'm less confident of the COmumbines, but all the rest will do ok in deep shade. Foam flower will flower a bit less, Coral Bells will turn a bit greener.

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flora2b(z6a bc)

If you amended your soil, is it possible that you overdid your fertilizer? That would cause the leaves to brown. Just a thought. Shel

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Hi Shel,
Overdid the fertilizer?I never even considered that.We have
pink clay on top of gray clay here at our house.I just thought it needed all the help it could get!

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