Inkberry bushes turning black?

creekhousegarden(z6southernIL)July 1, 2004

I have 5 inkberry Ilex glabra planted on the west side of my house to hide the foundation. They our outside the drip line, get high shade/filtered shade from tall trees and late afternoon sun. The soil is clay mixed with topsoil. Three of the five are turning black in the center and are losing green leaves. They have only been in the ground since June 2nd. Any ideas?

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waplummer(Z5 NY)

Don't ask me. I have at least three times managed to kill inkberries. but, I am not giving up. Last week I bought another one.

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Andrea_in_KS(z6 KS)

Following up rather late -- I just searched GardenWeb to see if anyone else was having this problem, and I found this description, which sounds just like what's happening in my yard. Last spring I planted two inkberry hollies on the north side of my house. One did exactly what creekhouse describes: turned black from the inside, then died. I replaced it this spring, and the same thing is now happening to it. I checked the soil when I replanted it to see if I had missed something in there, like a root. Found nothing unusual at all.

The only thing I can think of is that it's sensitive to black walnut. Nowhere can I find any research stating that Ilex glabra is sensitive to juglone, but I'm about out of other theories to explain why one has died twice in this spot, while the one I planted six feet away (further from the black walnut tree) is doing OK. Conditions are similar for both of them; if anything, the one that died gets more afternoon sun, but the pattern of leaf death is not consistent with scorching -- it's happening from the stem outward, not on the side that gets the sun. Soil is amended clay; plants are fairly near the dripline of the back porch and are on a soaker hose.

If anyone has any thoughts or advice on this matter, I'd greatly appreciate it. Many thanks.

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i am having this problem wiht my Ilex glabra.

the nursury told me it was a fungus problem. so i bought some fungicide from them (and they made even more money off of me), but online i found a reference to foliar burning and that harsh winters can do this.

the online reference said that the leaves all turned brown/black, but then new growth appeared, and in several months was fine.

what is strange is that all the Ilex glabra on my block have this, but to a much less degree than my 2. now the one i have that has it the most IS less shaded from the maybe it is exposure...

any ideas anyone?

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We have three Ilex glabra that we planted last spring. They are now, have brown splotches, the leaves are turning yellow, then brown and the whole stem is dying. I sprayed them with a fungus killer, hoping that will help.
If anyone has any suggestions, please post, asap.

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Unfortunately, Phytophthora cinnamomi (a fungal infection) is showing up on Ilex glabra. So far, I have only seen problems with the cultivar "Shamrock," a female that is supposedly a seedling selection. Previously, Ilex crenata (the Japanese holly) was shown to be susceptible. 'Shamrock' is being sold as a purebred seedling selection of Ilex glabra. I certainly hope that is truly the case.

Here is a link that might be useful: First Report of Phytophthora cinnamomi on Ilex glabra in Virginia

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