Any herbs..... useful ones preferably for shade ??????

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)July 29, 2004

Any useful herbs for growin gin shade ?????

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maybe zingiber relatives? (gingers, galangals..)

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putchika(z7 VA)

Hi. Since our backyard is mostly shade-I've learned a few! Angelica, which tastes like licorice and are edible-Lemon Balm, which is a fast grower and spreader, good in tea-Mints, tea or cold drinks-Lovage, which is kindof like celery-Parsley-Tarragon, which can get straggly looking and is another licorice flavored herb. I am sure there are more and you will get great feedback and suggestions. These are ones that I have. Have fun! Tonia

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Spearmint, chocolate mint, peppermint, orange mint--do you see a pattern developing here? But rampant doesn't even begin to describe the growth of these plants, so you might want to plant in plastic pots with the bottom cut out to contain them. Best thing about them? Smelling them when the rain hits them!

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I grow oregano and tarragon as well as summer savory in the shade. Also sage in part shade. Cammomile will grow in part shade as will all of the thymes. Most herbs are pretty adaptable.

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I'll add chives and rosemary to the list - and parsley. Basil does ok - just doesn't get as big as in full sun.

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Will pennyroyal grow in shade? Filtered sun at best, very moist soil...

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carex(USDA zone 8a)

I have sweet marjoram in the shade and it is doing much better than it was in the sun. Been very hot here so..

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My pennyroyal lasted one season, didn't come back. Ditto for chamomile. The cilantro attracted every slug in a three mile radius, and the rosemary has been exactly the same size since I planted it two years ago. This is in my two hours full sun a day spot.

Lemon balm is growing like crazy; I have to harvest it (nearly mow it) every couple of weeks to keep it under control. Mint grows for me, but doesn't spread too aggressively in the really shady corner.

If anyone has any other thoughts, I'm excited to hear them! My herb garden is the only thing I miss about being tucked into the redwoods.

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