Pine Straw as a universal mulch

bspatial5April 3, 2007

Here in central Mississippi we have an abundant supply of pine straw which is usually piled around all types of plants. Is this a mistake? Are there some plants that are best not mulched with pine straw?

Thank you-Paul

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Pine straw is a terrific mulch for all kinds of in-ground plants. The only place where it should be avoided is in a seeding bed. Pine straw has been proven to prevent the germination of some seeds. Great weed control, huh?

By the way, pine straw isn't just used in Central Mississippi, but in ALL locations that this renewable resource is commonplace.

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About the only thing you have to worry about is that in a rose bed, it will gradually increase the acid content of the soil. If you find that roses, which like a more alkaline soil, aren't doing well, add a little lime. It's the greatest mulch in the world for acid lovers like azaleas and camellias.

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Many thanks for the responses. I have used it around roses. I'll lime them a bit and be more careful. I'll also Google "alkaline loving plants" and assume same for them.

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Be may take YEARS for the pine straw to make a difference. Just watch your roses and have your soil tested if you begin to see them decline.

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The soil over most of the southeast is naturally acidic, pines have been growing here since time has been recorded (and before). Using pine straw as mulch today isn't going to make a big difference. It sure looks good though.

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