Crape or crepe myrtles

polprin59April 9, 2007

Hi and HELP. 4 weeks ago my five beauties started sprouting leaves. Now, four days of low 20's at night, and the leaves are wilting. Am I to morn that they will bear no beauty this June? Will they sprout back? Do I trim or remove dead leaves? will they bloom in June? All suggestions would be most appreciated.

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

i have 21 of them, some have not yet sprouted, others are in full leaf out. they wilted down a little but sprang back. same thing last year, and i had an enormous amount of blooms. i have a spot in my yard that i removed a couple 2 years ago, and new ones are growing back now. the thing about a crepe myrtle, god or bad depending on if you like the darn things or not, is they are almost impossible to kill.

as for me, i wish mine would all die. they hate me and attack me every time i cut the grass. i trimmed them so that they are tall, but they will reach down and grab me and cut me everytime!

hopefully i will have them under control in a year or two, when we moved in there were almost 30 of them and NONE had been trimmed in years. the ones along the drive are spaced 20 ft apart and they were actually growing together the lower limbs were so long. they look like crap right now because of the drastic trimming required, but after a couple more years of shaping they should be fine.

sorry for the rant, but CM just gets on my nerve. and i can't take mine down because they remind my wife of her great grandmother's house!

your's will likely be okay.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

polprin, just let your Crapemyrtle do what it needs to, with no help from you. Those burned leaves will fall off and new ones will emerge. Since the brand new growth (as in new stems) hasn't begun yet, and the plants produce flowers on new growth....your summer floral display should be fine. Be sure to mulch your crape, and don't over fertilize it during this time of high stress.

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