Need to hide an unattractive fence.

Missy, Traverse City, Mi Z5August 24, 2006

My neighbor is putting up a 6' wood privacy fence in his front yard, right on the property line. The bad looking side is facing my yard. This is really going to affect the "Curb Appeal" of my yard. I am considering putting several evergreen (for 4 season coverage) trees or shrubs, perhaps in a raised bed. The area is between two huge maple trees and a blue spruce is right behind the fence in the neighbor's yard. The area I will have to cover is shady, about 30' long and 4ft deep. My driveway is on the other side of the proposed bed.

Any suggestions to help me with plant design and selection?

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I supposed you have tried a friendly, reasonable approach with the neighbor, voicing your objections? You didn't indicate if you had also checked the local codes to determine if such a tall fence is permitted in front of a residence. In many locations, the height of a fence is limited to 4' between the front building line of the residence and the street and must not extend across any right of way for underground utility lines. Also, in many states, any permanent structure placed ON the property line, legally becomes jointly owned by the two parties involved.
If all those options fail, you could paint your side of the fence with flat black paint before planting evergreens in front of it. It will become almost unnoticeable.

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I agree with Razorback that you should check zoning on this fence--in addition to the other issues that Rb raises, the ugly side of the fence is often required to be on your neighbor's side, not yours.
You might consider climbing hydranga--these will take a while to mature, but do provide some winter interest as well with their hairy, knarly stems.

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