dissapointed in astilbe

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)August 8, 2004

Anyone else thoroughly unimpressed with astilbe...... ??????? Maybe it needs to be seriously enmassed...... but a flower that doesn't look good in just a few is not worth it too me...... I don't want a whole garden of astilbe....... and how long would it take you to buy them all considering you can't grow them from seed ?????? You'd have to use up your hwole gardening budget in a couple of years...... They don't seem to bloom for that long and just ain't that pretty...... cuse me mom for my english...... the foliage isn't that nice..... most of the time they look weedy..... especially now..... when they're brown..... I suppose I should cut off the flower stalks they loook like a weed...... something that would make you sneeze..... for a flower that's reccomended in every goook and yes I have it in good soil.... shade....... it's not that pretty ....... you'd think it'd be nicer for all the reccomendations and acclaims it gets....... :)

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jugglerguy(z4-5 MI)

Wow. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Are you keeping it moist enough? When I first tried to grow it, I let it get dry and it didn't do well at all. I assume that you're growing it correctly though.

I love the red astilbe I have. I don't know the exact name, but the stems are red too. I think the foliage is really nice. I don't usually like the look of dead flowers, but I do like astilbe flowers even after they turn brown (not as much as when it's red though).

As for getting more, I have some short purple ones that I've divided a lot. There would be no problem having as much of it as I wanted if I just divided it more.

Here's some of mine:

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I have had my astilbe many years...it has never bloomed. It also has not increased. It just sits there and does nothing year after year after year. I guess I'll dig it out one of these years! lol

Dee 8:)

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JHarlow(z5 MI)

I have many astilbe..most in the shade and they do well...this summer my white ones were beautiful...good 2 ft. tall.
There is a variety that can be grown in part sun. I just planted a couple of these this year, so will see how they do. I find this an easy plant to grow.

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I have found that astilbe need more moisture than one might think. All of mine are in part shade to heavier shade. The ones that are close to my little pond and two bird baths do better than the others. I refill the bird baths each day, and lots of water gets splashed about. Astbile like moisture and shade. I have about four different varities planted. Right now, my dusky pink one has very tall flower stalks waving above the bird bath.

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I planted some for the first time this year and was also pretty disappointed...the flowers were not nearly as full and lush as the ones in those pictures, and the flower stalks flopped around. Do you think they want more water, less sun, or what? I was so excited when I got them, wanted to get tons more, but now I don't know.

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This year has been great for my astilbies. I think it's the rain. They do like a lot of moisture as some years they wilt before they get a chance to flower in my deep, dry shade. This year however, they are beautiful and have been worth the wait. I grow around 5 different varieties and even one I grew from seed is flowering this year. Oh...and I love the look of the dried seed heads!

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flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)

REd: Don't get one they're marvelously unshowy for their prices....... I don't think soil or water is your problem....... mine are in nearly a perfect situation..... where many other plants THRIVE........ I think its a matter of taste...... not to everyone's liking....... I guess nothing is..... but like...... who hates a daylily?????? YOu might just not like them........ :)

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jugglerguy(z4-5 MI)

I paid a dollar apiece for the ones in the pictures. I planted them this spring. I thought they were GREAT for the price. I don't really like daylilies by the way.

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Loved your pictures, Jugglerguy! I have astilbes in places where nothing else blooms but they always do.

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TeriA_NY(z5 NY)

Jugglerguy your pictures are absolutely beautiful.

I have been wanting to try astilbe in my shade garden but have been afraid to as it is under a crabapple tree and not very moist.

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I have astilbes in two places in my garden---several in dappled shade; several in a.m.sun/p.m.shade. All do well but definitely need steady moisture. I've also noticed that they generally aren't much to look at the first year, but the second year they fill out more and seem to hit their stride. I planted mine less for the flower stalk (although that's one of the perks) than for the fact that once the foliage fills out they make a wonderful, dependable green backdrop all summer long for other things. I have lilies tucked in behind a couple of astilbe, for example, and the astilbe do a nice job of hiding the 'bare legs' of the lilies and providing some fullness after the lily stalks have bloomed and are turning brown.

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