Scale on my 'Jane' magnolias!

laroseApril 24, 2010

I have 3 "Jane" Japanese magnolias in my front beds along with sasanquas, day lilies, Old Garden Roses, hawthorne and azaleas. We got what I THOUGHT was a bad infestation of scale on the magnolias last year and treated it first with home made remedies but I think the scale were just amused!! We then used a systemic insecticide, which I HATE to do but oh, Well.

Now comes Spring and HOLY COW- the scale are 10 times worse than before! I'm going to pull out the magnolias and would like to replace them with another strain of Japanese magnolia that is resistant to scale, if such a thing exists. Does anyone know of a strain of Japanese magnolia that isn't a scale magnet???

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