Anybody Else Lose Things to Frost in Upstate SC?

joraines(7 Upstate SC)April 13, 2012

So sad to see my hibiscus and lantana, especially, after the last two nights' frosts and freezes. Following virtually no winter and our very early spring, both of those and other things were making such a wonderful, vibrant show and promise. Now, they are singed, curled and darkened. Can anyone offer hope that they will bounce back???? I hope I don't lose them entirely. I had just cut last year's woody stems from both plants down amidst the new spring growth. sigh.

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I did.

I covered my veggies and roses.

I am glad I did as I have frost damage to all my new growth on my camellias, crape myrtles, hollies, tea olives, fig, dogwood and catalpas, etc.

The temp dropped to 30 degrees for about 3.5 hours with a heavy frost.

Most trees and shrubs hardy to our area will bounce back.

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joraines(7 Upstate SC)

I hope so! I'll be watching to see signs!!

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