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mudrnner(zone 4/5 NY)August 10, 2004

I am very excited... as we speak (or write) my husband is outside tilling up a new garden for me. It is predominantly shady with dappled sun in both the morning and afternoon, also damp... not super wet unless it rains a lot. Any suggestions? This is not my first shade garden but I would like some new ideas. In my other shade gardens I have astilbe (love it), hosta (yes!!), bleeding heart, lily of the valley, brunnera, cimcifuga (sp?)and ferns. Any new ideas? How would filipendula do? And foxglove? What about hydrangea? I am so excited I can't wait to go to the nurseries and go wild!!! My daughter says I need therapy... I tell her this IS therapy!!!!

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maozamom NE Ohio

Sounds like you have a great start. You could also add lamium, ligularia, and anemone. Under trees is also a great place to plant early bloomers like spring bulbs and dwarf iris. Some daylilies and clematis grow well in part shade/part sun. Add azalea to that mix and you just might find me sitting back and enjoying the beauty you've created.

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hydrangea and foxgloves both can take consistently moist soil (not no standing water). Both blooms best with some sun, so you will have to try it out. Ferns should definately do well (and it sounds like you will have to have some hostas, right ?)

Ferns and hostas always do well together (see pics)

I like to supplement with caladium in summer. A ground cover (which I use a small clumps instead of actual ground cover) is euonymus fortuneri (purple winter creeper).
You can just see it under the leaf of the large fern. In the right hand corner. The one pictured is 'Emerald Gaity' (which is green and white variegated). The most common cultivar found seems to be 'Emerald and Gold' (a gold/white variegation).

Good luck.

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Jacobs ladder, Hercula, Magic lilly, columbine, Jack-n-the pulpit, primrose, The list is really endless.

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springcherry(6/7 Philly,PA)



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mudrnner(zone 4/5 NY)

Thanks for all the great ideas. I can't wait to get started.

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hmmm...corydalis, exima dicentra is still blooming, heucheras, heucheras, heucheras to go with the HOSTA and ferns...violas are pretty now too, and are about to bloom. toad lily except it's not the happiest camper with all the nasty rain that we've knocked around a bit but it's supposed to do SOMETHING by september! :)) and maybe you should go get a nice colorful bunch of end of season coleus to add instant color and life to it. I'm sure the box stores and your local nurseries have some orphan wizard mix or sun varieties that would love a new home. :)) have fun, new shade gardener! i'm new too and it's been a wonderful experience already. :))) Oh and did I mention that the heucheras (look for amber waves, geisha fan, chocolate veil, marmalade) give off MORE color as it gets cooler? You'll be showing them off through Halloween! :)))

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