A shade perennial that looks like Caladiums?

cheeselizAugust 5, 2009

I hope someone can help me - A while back, I saw a deep shade perennial at my local Lowes garden center that looked like a white caladium, but the rep said it was a perennial that required deep shade. That's perfect for me! However, I wasn't ready to buy and plant that area at the time, and now that I am, I can't find it - nor can I remember the name! Can anyone help me id this plant and/or offer feedback? I live in east Tenessee, the TriCities area. I'm very new to gardening - particularly shade gardening! So far, all my backyard has is rhodies (for the last owner) and hostas I planted this spring!

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Might it be Brunnera macrophylla? There are numerous cultivars on the market, including 'Jack Frost' and 'Looking Glass', that bear a strong resemblance to a white leafed caladium. Will tolerate but doesn't require deep shade. In fact, deep shade may retard flowering as it will with many other shade tolerant plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brunnera 'Looking Glass'

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Thank you! Yes, that looks like it! I think it was the Jack Frost variety I saw at Lowes, but the others are just as interesting. At least now I know what to ask for or google for planting later this year. Do you have any experience or tips to share regarding with this plant?

Thank you!

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auntpeach(z5 il)

Bunnies like it, too! Ate mine to the nubs, actually, 3 of them, but 1 is making a comeback. Two are completely gone, unfortunately. So if you have bunnies in your neighborhood, beware ... It is so beautiful when growing unmolestedly (is that a word?), hopefully you'll have better luck.
Aunt Peach in Elgin, IL

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