Encore Azalea Empress vs Princess

jeliu2000(7b TX)April 27, 2005

I have a rectangular south-facing area (2.5'x15') in front of my deck railing. I have been thinking about planting some azaleas there. I have looked at both Encore Empress and Princess, but still could not decide which is better. I like the Empress because it has very small glossy leaves which looks great with the pink flowers. But description said they have up-right growth habit, and is 4'x3' at maturing, so I am not sure whether it is going to look great in front of the railing. I guess I can trim it to control the height, but not sure if it will have dense leaves or not.

The description says "Encore Princess" is compact (3.5'x3' at maturing), I saw a big one at the nursery, it takes an oval shape. But I am not sure if it flowers or not. I have been in the nursery several times this month, and never saw it flower.

On a side note, anybody have experience with Encore Sangria, Royalty and Amythyst? Which one is good? I am thinking about planting some in the backyard garden around my fruit trees.


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All of the Encore series are guaranteed to bloom 3 times. The foliage is not too impressive, IMO.
But if you want blooms, then go with the color you fancy!

"Red Slipper" azaleas are just as prolific and they are repeat bloomers that do not cost an arm & a leg...

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If you want azaleas that rebloom, try the Bloom 'N Again series of azaleas from McCorkle Nurseries. They are hands down the best reblooming azaleas for both initial bloom, rebloom, and foliage. I found mine at Home Depot.

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I have two Autumn Amethyst and I really like them. They get morning sun and afternoon shade. I like the foliage, and although the spring show isn't all that impressive, the fall show is. In the fall my Encores produce 3-4 times the amount of flowers that they do in the spring, mostly due to the long bloom time. I had blooms into Mov. last year, into Dec. this year.

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