plant under tree in Myrtle beach SC

shelben(USDA 8 SC)April 17, 2011

Have a beautiful crabapple tree near my driveway. Big thirsty roots. Want to plant something under the tree. Other than mulch, have any suggestions.

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Why not replace it with a tree that actually yields edible fruit? I've never seen any value in fruit trees that only give flowers.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Good grief. I find that an extremely narrow view, alex.

Shelben, I hadn't replied to this post earlier because I am one of those who want to tell you that mulch is the best thing to use under your tree, especially if you value it.

If you consider the damage you might do to the root system when planting, perhaps you'll reconsider. That 'beautiful' crabapple might react very negatively to digging, extra watering, competition from other roots sytems, etc.

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lauriewood(8 SC)

If it is pretty shaded I love thick beds of cast iron plant under a tree! Also holly ferns.

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