Some Late September Blooms...

TNY78(7a-East TN)September 30, 2012

Here are a few pictures I took this morning in the garden. The colors are getting much more vibrant in the cooler weather. However, with all the rain recently, the weeds have gotten out of control again :( That will be next week's project!


Vera Johns

Sea Foam

Baron Prevost

White Cecil Brunner

Pumpkin Patch

Antico Amore

Hot Cocoa

A little bloom on Queen E

Oranges n Lemons

Pomponella's fall flush


Some nice Fall hips on Carefree Spirit

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All beautiful. Love PUMPKIN PATCH! And POMPONELLA is pretty cool.

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seil zone 6b MI

They do have vibrant colors, Tammy! That's the orangest Oranges and Lemons I've ever seen. My cousin has it and hers are always more yellow than orange. That cluster on Pomponella looks more like a polyantha than a floribunds spray. How big are the blooms?

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Thanks Beth and Seil :)

Seil, My Oranges and Lemons is in partial shade, so it stays pretty dark (it ended up in partial shade accidentally after my Carolina Jesamine took over my deck!). This cluster actually has a bit of red it it...very differern!

As for Pomponella, it reminds me of a polyantha also. The blooms are slightly larger than most of my poly's, but still on the small side (maybe 1.5 inches across). It lacks that pymamid shape cluster form that many of my polys have though. It puts on a good show a few times throught the summer, but the weight of the blooms always makes the canes droop unfortunetly. Still a really cool and unique rose :)


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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Those saturated colors are glorious, but I also like the subtlety of Moonstone and Antico Amore. I'm very impressed with the hips on Carefree Spirit,too. Thanks for posting these pics. You really have a great variety of roses! Diane

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Great blooms and pics, I especially like Moonstone.

Pumpkin Patch makes me think of pumpkin pie...

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Everything looks good.

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Loved the picture of the rose hips, Tammy; enjoyed looking at all of your roses. I love my Pomponella!

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

I love the mixture of pink shades on your Pomponella. Something that would have visual interest from far away too.

Your Antico is my fav of your pics. What a lovely, lovely rose. Is there any scent to it?

Pumpking Patch is amazing. I love your picture of it.
Talk about saturated orange!!

I love your Baron Prevost. That's an OGR isn't it? Looks so beautiful!!!
Thank you so much!!

    Bookmark   October 5, 2012 at 10:20PM
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