Vines to grow in shade?

monica1117(6b)August 9, 2006

Hi everyone! I'm planning to put a garden right next to my house, the garden would be facing North and gets FULL shade. I wanted to put a few trellises up on the house and have some viney-type plants grow up them. I only want vines that would survive winter here (it gets to about 10 degrees F in the winter). Any suggestions???

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Not many vines will grow in FULL shade, but if you are looking for flowers, forget about, there is none.
Also, those full shade growing vines usually are very large and agressive, thus not suitable for trellises or against the house.
First two that come immediately to mind are climbing hydrangea and akebia quinata.
Virginia creeper probably will work too.
Not sure about English Ivy, but it might work as well in full shade.
All four could become a monsters.

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You might want to try silver lace vine. It is very agressive. The shade will slow it down. You proberly won't have any flowers. It grows 40ft in pt sun in a single season. It does die back every winter and only flowers on new wood. I grow some on a fence under big trees so it gets a lot of shade. I am happy with the results.

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sandykk(z6 MD)

I have a Sweet Autumn clematis growing in horrible conditions both dry and shade. So far so good. I do try and give it a drink a couple times a week but lately with everything else needing to be watered it sorta gets left out. This is actually the one I ripped out from around my lamp post because it bent the lamp over it was so big. It is one tough vine. Chocolate vine is another one I have in a mostly all shade spot.

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You might consider Boston Ivy. The leaves fall in autumn but they give you spectacular color before they do.
But this vine can take over if not watched

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fennelgrl(Z6a OH)

If you can find "Got Shade" at your local library, the author suggests tons of vines for shade.

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