Zone 7b Gooseberries and Currants?

diospyros4luna(SC zone 7b)April 16, 2005

Has anyone in southern zone 7b grown gooseberries or currants? Is there a particular type or named variety we have better luck with here?

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Pixwell and Glendale gooseberries are gonna be your best bets for being able to hand the heat & humidity of zone 7 - and if you've got a semi-shady spot, or at least one that gets afternoon shade, all the better. These aren't the best 'dessert' type gooseberries, but they'll probably work for you; the 'good' ones won't even survive my hot zone 6 in full sun - I need a shady spot for them.

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Dieter2NC(z7b NC)

I tried growing a flowering currant last year, it did fine until the heat & humidity did it in. On top of which, it may be illegal to import them to SC, it is in NC.

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