Killing Weeds and Grass

durhamgreenhouseApril 4, 2010


We moved into a new construction house last June. I put a fairly thick load of fescue seed in the front yard, which is west facing. Because the grass had to be planted so much before we moved in I could not keep it watered enough. Late last summer and fall we ended up with what are clumps of weeks with some grass throughout.

This year I want to kill the weeds and plant more seed. I also want to till the soil up some to help with the seeding.

Should I till first (not a complete stripping of all plant life, just, loosening the soil), then apply broadleaf weed killer, wait, then put down grass seed? I am afraid if I put down the weed killer first, then till I will stir up more weeds.

Wish I could do sod, but, not in our price range right now!

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I resoded my yard last spring and i went this route.
1. Sprayed entire lawn with 2% Glyphosate solution.
2. Let sit for 2 weeks.
3. Tilled up lawn.
4. Let sit for two weeks.
5. Sprayed entire lawn with 2% Glyphosate solution.
6. Tilled and sodded. I was able to get rid of some Bermuda, and most all of the weeds.

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