chloeashaApril 20, 2013

Hi all! I have H. "Luna Moth" and H "Dr Moy" in a gigantic pot on my balcony. The soil is still cool as I am facing north and we've also had that cool spring. I put my fingers down to feel the rhizomes and they mostly feel lovely-- very hard, and seem anchored well in the soil. I only felt a bit of slime around one of the spots where foliage was last season, and when I wiped it it came off leaving a harder scarred area. Also a few sections have gone a bit soft but they are surrounded by clear, hard rhizome. I accidentally broke one while trying to check it-- the inside is white and hard. So I am assuming they are doing OK-ish. Neither these or my gloriosa lilies have shown any signs of wanting to wake up. I am guessing this is because the ambient soil temps are too cool. Any ideas as to when/what temps the soil will be warm enough to wake them up? It's my first year with them, and I don't know what to expect.

Also, since there seems to be a bit of slime and whatnot happening in some sections, should I lift them or just leave them alone? When i accidentally broke off one part, I found what looks like a pointed shoot from a lower rhizome below it, maybe 7 inches below the soil line. it's either the end of a rhizome or a shoot, I am not sure which one. it was hard and I left it alone. No signs of leaves.

I am hesitant to mess with them too much as I have already accidentally broken one and the pot has other residents who *are* awake and are trying to get a go on the season.


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We have 4 varieties of Hedychiums including the 2 you have referenced. Everything seems to be running behind this spring. It sounds like yours are fine. The ones we have in the ground are just starting to emerge with some around 3-4 inches above ground now. You should plant some of the ones that are broken off in the ground in a preferred area and let them multiply, mulch them in the late fall and you should be good to go.

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Thanks! Unfortunately, my third floor balcony has no in-ground ground :)

So far, they still are not up yet-- but neither are any of my other warmer-climate things. So I am still hoping for the best!

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