Sarcococca (Himalayan Sweet Box)

Lgkovalcik(z7 AL)August 21, 2004

Hi Shade Folks,

Saw this lovely bush at a local nursery. Anyone have any experience with it? Thanks!


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Onion(z9b/15 Nor Cal)

Hi Laura,
I've heard that it grows very slowly. But I've been curious about growing it too, it's supposed to be wonderfully fragrant.


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Sarcococca in all of its forms is very common here in the PNW. It typically blooms in December and January, the flowers very tiny and hardly noticeable except for their intense and very pleasant scent. Himalayan sweet box or Sarcococca hookeriana var. humilis is a very tidy groundcover form, rarely exceeding about 16" in height with neat, deep green evergreen foliage. It, like the other species, is stoloniferous, but it spreads a bit faster and wider than the taller growing species. It prefers dry shade.

It's impossible to say anything bad about this plant. No pest or disease problems.

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I have sarcococca ruscifolia, sounds very similar. Mine hold their branches in arching sprays, about 24". Lovely scent, though it doesn't last very long.


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Lgkovalcik(z7 AL)

Thanks - it sure looks good in the pot at the nursery. I was surprised I hadn't heard of it before.


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Himalayan Sweet Box was discussed today as a possibility for a dry shady location, from the above discussion, it sounds like it would fit well in a raised bed here in Pittsburgh PA.

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I have Sarcacocca abundantly around my house in shady areas. It seems to tolerate partial sun with no problem but if it gets too much direct sunlight, it seems to yellow somewhat. The fragrance is aboslutely wonderful for at least three weeks as soon as we get the first warm weather after January 1st. It seems to be industructible. The leaves are very attractive, dark green. Completely pest resistant in my zone.

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Real LIfe Garden Solutions

Ditto to r7command. Except that I think mine (I thought they are hookeriana, but maybe ruscifolia, since mine are about 2.5' tall in their third year) like more water. The one that is more sheltered from the rain is smaller and feebler than the one (3' away) that gets more rain. But marvellous fragrance. Skimmia is taking the bows now, and daphne coming up. Love those fragrances!

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