pmcgrady626April 7, 2013

Can I plant "Big Red" Geraniums on my covered porch? Will there be enough light for them to survive. The porch is on the West side of the house which get heavy afternoon sun but underneath the covered porch will get only a little direct sun.

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The west afternoon sun might be too much for them. I have several in hanging baskets and they do great, they get a lot of sun but none after 1 or 2 pm because of a tree in the neighbor's yard.

Under the covered porch might be too little sun, though. Is there any way you could plant a small tree that would provide some shade, or filtered light? I have planted a Parkinsonia in my back yard for that purpose, and an almond verbena in the front to provide dappled shade on the bed in front of my porch when it gets large enough, and they grow pretty fast.

Here is a link that might be useful: Almond Verbena

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC) issue also..west facing shade porch with two foot overhangs. The geranium will be fine if you give it a big deeper pot with a mixture of garden soil and potting soil and a bit of course vermiculite to better hold the moisture between waterings.
Before you expose it to full sun put it in the brightest light in shade so it becomes accustomed to more intensity.
Trim off any flower buds and let it settle into it's new big pot with maybe some purslane as a companion and dangler.
Purslane is easy care and a bright yellow would be a nice compliment to the bright red and green geranium.
Don't feed it until it appears to be ready to make flower buds then gently..remember you have denser soil so the food stays put longer.

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